Monday, April 20, 2015

You're Made For A God Sized Dream

A Recap On How I Followed My Heart And The Road It Lead Me Down This Year

If you follow me on social media, you know that I have spent the last week in the beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Most know that this trip is because I earned it thru the business opportunity I have had over the last year with Beachbody, but for those who don't know, I am going to take this time to tell you about the ride I have been on for the last year. 

Last March I signed up as a Beachbody coach and I wasn't sure how "all in" I was planning to go. I was busy and really didn't think I had what it took to be a coach. But in the process of being trained and getting involved, I quickly decided I wanted to be all in. The business teacher in me saw what an opportunity that had fallen into my lap and I knew I had to pursue it. My Beachbody business became my new baby. I have spent the last year pouring my heart into making a difference in peoples lives in a way that is different that I do as a teacher. I have spent countless hours up late at night inviting people to join me on their own personal fitness journey as well as their own journey to become coach themselves. I traded in tv time and lazy evenings on the couch because I was able to see the bigger picture. I knew what I was doing was leading to more. It required a trade off of my time and a little bit of my privacy. Lots of public posts on social media and truly letting the world see me and my family and our journey from being not so healthy to the whole other end of the spectrum. It required courage and some months I questioned what I was doing, but I went hard for the last year anyways. I worked harder than I though I could and accomplished more than I thought I would. I made myself proud this year. 

Beachbody is a company that is all about not just helping others but also helping and rewarding their coaches not just financially but also with exciting trips and events. The success club trip is something that you have to earn and because of my work I put in this year, I qualified for the all inclusive trip for not just me, but my husband as well. A free vacation to Mexico? You have got to be kidding me I thought. But it was not a joke. They rolled out the red carpet and treated us like kings and queens all week. We had lavish parties, live workouts with celebrity trainers, a Shakeology bar on site and even workshops and trainings to help us better our business. I was on cloud nine all week.

Pulling into the resort - they even had special welcome banners for us! 
Getting Ready To Attend The Welcome Reception
Some of my favorite women- proud to call them my mentors and friends! 
There was something so powerful to be surrounded by thousands of others who "get it" like so many in our lives don't. From the outside looking in Beachbody coaches look like we belong to a Shakeology loving cult. I get it- I have heard it all but from the inside looking out I can honestly say you all are the ones missing out. The company is like no other. I have never been so positive or felt like I was making a difference than I have in the last year. So this week, I decided to take a step back, reflect on what a ride it has been and celebrate what one person can accomplish in a year. But I also took this week as an opportunity to say thank you to my better half. My husband has been so understanding and supportive  of this and deserved the trip as much as I did. I remember standing underneath the fireworks they were shooting off our first night whispering into his ear that "this is exactly where we are supposed to be."
A few of the fireworks we got to stand underneath 
While in Mexico I read the book "You are made for a God Sized Dream." by Holley Gerth. After reading the book I took a few steps back and realized that I am made for more. God put this coaching opportunity in my life so that I could help people in a different way than I already do. He gave me the strengths and talents that I have so that I could do something like this. You see, I just thought I wanted to be a coach and that I DECIDED TO BE A COACH, but in reality I think that God called me to do this and I am just following thru with the God sized plan he has for me. The book spoke to me in so many ways. It truly is my new favorite read. For those of you working at a BIG DREAM you need to get your hands on this one.

My New Favorite Book!
So you might be wondering what did we do all week without our three year old? The answer is simple we had fun, laughed and even fell a little more in love. We stayed out past bed time, we slept in, worked out together, ate too much, laid out in the sunshine and took life at a slower pace.  I love being a mom but I often forget how much I missed the days of it just being "us." Wouldn't trade the family of three we have now for the world but it sure was nice to visit the old days for a few but it sure felt good to be home too! 
Some of the Dream Team Coaches after we got our butt handed to us doing Insanity Max 30 
Lindsay Matway - This years number 2 coach in the entire company and last years number 1 coach. Happened to be in the bathroom right when she was. It was just the two of us so I had to be shameless and ask for a picture! If only I had make - up on and not just worked out! She's stunning! 
Tony Horton Live Workout
21 Day Fix Extreme Live Workout

Enjoying the Skytop Bar overlooking some stunning blue water! Blissful! 
Enjoying a late night out past our usual bath time and bedtime stories

Airport Selfie - 3:00 am in the Cancun airport - excited to get home to our little man! 
If you have gotten this far in my post it's either for two reasons or a combo of both: 
1. You are a family member or friend who just wanted to know how Mexico was :) 
2. You might be reading this thinking - WHY NOT ME? Maybe I could do this too. If that thought is running thru your mind, I want you to jump on it. I felt the same way when I started. I was curious but fearful of what others might think or if I could do it. I decided to ignore the fears and do it anyways and I cannot begin to explain how much my life has changed not just emotionally and spiritually but also financially. I had it good before I stared, but now life is even better. You might be busy or are thinking it's not the right time but I am here to tell you, it's never the right time. Just go for it now while you still can.

Next week I am going to offer a sneak peak into coaching on my team. It's no pressure and no commitment is required. If after the week you think it could be for you then we can talk more and I can train you on how to grow your own business. You can't lose on this one - I am a business teacher and also almost finished with my masters in leadership. I feel like I have the perfect training to help teach others how to be successful at this. Decide to try - you have nothing to lose. If your up for it fill out the application below and I will be in touch soon!

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