Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cheers To A Year!

Cheers To One Year of Hard Work! 

Breakfast at the Waffle Shop to celebrate our one year! 

In March it marked the one year anniversary of my business, which was cool but not as cool as today's one year anniversary. Today marks the day that I ran my first challenge group - It was called April 14th Slim for Summer Group. While I have been blessed to work with MANY over the last year, I have three that have not left my side since day 1. They all signed up with as clients shortly after I became a coach and went all in with me even though I know they were skeptical about Shakeology and the programs and just the whole idea of it. In fact two out of three of them have degrees that are directly related to health and wellness. This who idea was something that I am sure made them raise their eye brows. Surely, it was just like all those other weight loss scams.... I am sure it crossed their minds, BUT they went all in and because of it all three are in a very different place than they were last year at this time. 

I still remember the emails right before with the dreaded before pictures and the anticipation of what was to come. I remember the first few weeks of them being super sore and some days hungry as they learned to adapt to their new lifestyle. In the beginning it would have been easy to quit but they just kept coming back for more round after round because little by little a little became a lot. 

If I told you their journey was easy I would be lying because it has not been. It took an entire year of support from the group and each other. It took learning how to withstand and break thru weight loss plateaus and it took patience in the process with lots of love and a desire in their hearts to want more for themselves. 

So many look at these ladies now and wonder how they did it, whats the magic pill they took, what's the secret? The truth is there is no secret - they exercised almost every single day for 30+ minutes a day, they drank Shakeology almost every single day which helped them to curb cravings for all the junk foods they used to love and they simply showed up every single day even when they didn't feel like it anymore. They didn't quit. The leaned on each other for support because thats the funny thing about losing lots of weight, not everyone gets the journey you are on. When you are in a group everyone gets it, they are going thru the same struggles and are excited when you have milestone accomplishments. These ladies were in it for the long haul and today they get to celebrate what not giving up feels like! 

Below you will see pictures of their before and afters. A year ago if I had asked them to put those pictures out to the public on my blog I couldn't have paid them enough money in the world to say yes to that. Today they gladly said yes and were proud to share what a year of really hard work looks like. These are real women - no photoshop, no magic pill just THE REAL DEAL in all their beauty!



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