Transformation Stories

Transformation Stories 

Transformation stories are one of my favorite parts of being a Beachbody coach. It is so exciting to see someone truly change their life. Weight loss is a journey and it takes a villiage to get you thru. When you do the challenge groups you get your own little villiage to help cheer you on and get you to your goals- whatever they may be. Below you will find a few transformation pictures. These are real people - no ads, no photoshop just the real deal. Anyone can be just like them - you just need the right support. If your tired of giving up or starting over try something new. You could be the next transformation story to be added to the blog - if you want to of course ;) 

Meet Crisinda - She just completed round 1 of the 21 day fix. She not only has enjoyed the results but has also found that this seems to drastically improve her issues she has had with colitis. Check out this post to learn more about her journey! 

Cherie is 48 years old and just completed the Slim in Six program. She drank Shakeology for lunch each day, loved the vanilla the best and learned how to change her eating habits. She was a NON exerciser and hated any type of exercise until Slim in Six. Over the course of her 6 week transformation she lost 10 lbs and 16 inches. She is getting ready to do the 21 day fix to continue on her journey to be where she wants to be. Heres to looking great at 48! 

Maegan starting her journey around the same time that I did. She is a mom of two and was looking to get back in shape after the babies - BOY DID SHE EVER!! She using a variety of the Beachbody programs - T25, 21 Day Fix and also a bit of Turbo Fire - she likes to change it up often :) Maegan also drank Shakeology everyday along the journey. She rocks! Maegan is also a Beachbody coach, we joined at the same time! 

Erin is a beautiful mom of four and decided it was time to take control of her life and show her daughters how important it is to take care of yourself. Erin used T25 for just 60 days, ate clean and drank Shakeology. Now she is down 30 pounds and 39 inches! My jaw dropped when I saw her results. I was so excited for her. Erin also is a Beachbody coach now! Really goes to show you can do anything you put your mind to!

Kim was one of my first challengers to sign up with me when I started coaching! She is a mom of two and was super excited to get back in shape. She was especially excited to work on her mid section. I knew the 21 day fix would give her killer results. She ate clean, drank the shakeology and is now done with round 2 of the fix and is ready to go on to the third round before switching it up to something new. Kim made this a prioroty the entire way thru and put her mind to this. Her attitude was infectious and so postivie! She made it a priority to get her ab workouts in that came with the fix and also did the 3 day shakeology cleanse. Kim met her goal weight that she had set for herself and is going to get even more toned now. 

Tiffany is a challenger in the group that my team is currently hosting and she too has had exciting results and wanted to share her progress with the world. She used the 21 Day Fix and darnk her Shakeology daily. This helped her to cut our her sweets and comfort food cravings. She has not had soda or any other junk foods since starting her journey. Tiffany looks fantastic! Her results after round 1 were 15.5 inches and 6 pounds. After round 2 she like 17.5 inches and 5 pounds IN SIX WEEKS! AMAZING!! :)

Michelle C

 Age 49
Beginning weight – 175
Current weight  -  149.6
Goal weight  - 135 
Total weight loss  -  25 pounds 
Total inches lost  -  22.25 
Products used:  Shakeology, T25, 21 Day Fix
She is showing the world that you can still look fantastic at any age!!! 

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