Monday, April 27, 2015

Transformation Tuesday - Meet Lauren

21 Day Fix Extreme Challenger Results 

About two months ago I crossed paths with someone who was supposed to be in my life. I am sure of it. The irony of how we met and the relationship we now have created is for sure something that was meant to be. She will talk about how we bumped into each other out of fate in her story below. I remember our ride together as she test drove my car, she shared with me her excitement and interest in clean eating and her interest in well being. I remember thinking to myself, Sarah back off don't leap at her about Beachbody, this girl is interested in your car not your business. BUT let me just say if you know me, you know how much I love coaching and I can't not speak up about an opportunity. I will be completely honest and say that for a second I thought she was about to approach me with the same opportunity to be a Beachbody coach. I said to myself there is no way this girl is not a coach. I decided to go for it and mention the opportunity and much to my surprise she was not already a coach and was very interested in getting involved. After a bit of conversation back and forth not only was she one of my newest challengers but also a fantastic new coach on my team! Her story is awesome and really goes to show the power of change and how important it is to really be conscious abut the foods you are putting into your body. 

Here is Lauren's Story 

So first, let me give a little background story about myself. About a year and a half ago I was constantly fighting skin rashes, abdominal pain, severe bloating, nausea every time I ate, and just plain exhaustion. I was constantly sick with bronchitis, common colds, mono, and pneumonia. My head was constantly congested and I was just TIRED OF BEING TIRED all of the time! I finally went to see a naturopathic doctor who ran a blood test that scanned for food sensitivities. I was almost certain that there was no way food was causing me to have all of these problems but sure enough my results came back and revealed that I had large amounts of Candida ( intestinal yeast) and….. A GLUTEN ALLERGY. When I was about 10 years old my mom was diagnosed with celiac disease and has lived a gluten free lifestyle since. I was in denial that that could possibly be my case but again my momma was right! Last year (2014) I started a gluten free diet, which was a struggle at first, but I adjusted. In addition, I began paying attention to food labels and the ingredients. I began cutting sugar from my diet because its fuel for the Candida. A few months later I started eating healthier by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet and omitting all of the processed CRAP including gluten free products because they aren't as healthy as you may think. I then began working out regularly and just becoming more self aware of my health. Now, 15 months later the bloating, skin rashes and abdominal pain have disappeared. My energy levels have never felt better! Better yet, I am no longer spending my winter months fighting infections and taking antibiotics. I couldn't believe that food was causing all of my problems! Diet and nutrition have become quite a hobby of mine and I am always looking for healthy recipes and ways to improve my overall wellness. I now tell myself If the food doesn't have any nutrients my body needs then I shouldn't be eating it because thats why we eat right? Low and behold I have dropped a few pant sizes and I feel comfortable with my body. These changes have not only changed my physical appearance but it has increased my daily performance, energy levels, motivation, mood, self esteem…the list goes on and on! I no longer feel the need to sit and watch television and find myself being constantly busy. 

About a month ago I began searching for a new vehicle. I knew exactly what I wanted but I just couldn’t find it close to my location. A couple weeks later, I was traveling to a friends and right outside of Indiana there was the car I had been searching for…FOR SALE! I whipped my car into the driveway and began to check it out. Within a couple of minutes, the owner of the car pulled in. She was just getting home from work—What were the chances? I decided to take the car for a test drive but oddly enough I found that the talk between Sarah Griffith and I wasn't about the car; it was about health and nutrition. Sarah and I just clicked! I started telling her about health and nutrition and how it has became quite a hobby of mine. Sarah, a Beachbody coach, began to tell me about the business and proposed the idea of me becoming a coach. I began to think, could this be fate? I went home later that night and continued to think about the idea of being a health and fitness coach and continued to think about it for the next couple of days. I was already slightly knowledgeable about diet and nutrition and I always love sharing what I know with other people. I know how much diet and nutrition has changed my life and I would love to share that information to help people change theirs. I decided to follow through and become a PART OF THE TEAM! I decided to challenge myself and do the 21 day fix EXTREME countdown to competition plan and plan to share my journey with others and help them succeed with their own health and wellness goals. 

Lauren didn't mess around, she went ALL in and was 100% committed - She drank her Shakeology every single day, she didn't cheat, she did her workouts and she showed up everyday in our challenge group. She got results because she refused to settle. 

If you are ready to get results like Lauren did, please fill out the application below to be considered for a spot in my upcoming challenge group. Imagine how great you could feel if you too refused to settle. Maybe it's your time. 

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