Thursday, March 19, 2015

Maybe You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too..

Team Fit & Fabulous

 Sneak Peak Into What Coaching Is All About 

Last year at this time I took a little leap of faith, but little did I know that the little leap was actually a really big one. I watched others that I had worked with in college become successful as Beachbody coaches and I kept thinking to myself, why not me? Why should I not consider something like this. I have a degree in business, surely I could do this, right? I ended up getting myself involved as a challenger because I wanted to tone up after having Carter, so I joined a challenge group and got really great results. Little did I know I was starting down a path towards a entirely new lifestyle. I look at who I am today in one years time and I am NOT the same Sarah I was last March. Beachbody has made me a stronger, smarter and more successful women. I have put my heart and soul into my business for the last year. I work day in and day out helping others get in shape but also training my coaches that I bring on to my team. You see for me, this job its like my calling - its a combo of teaching which is what I love and also business which I also love. In addition my masters degree is in leadership. Combine those three things together and you have a recipe for success and career you are passionate about. Don't get me wrong I love what I do for my day job but this is rewarding on a completely different level.

For me this started as a way to get my Shakeology costs covered. I knew if I sold just a little bit of product each month I would be able to essentially drink it for "free." Little did I know that I was going to turn a hobby into a part time job that will soon surpass my teaching salary in regards to the income that I am bringing in. The financial freedom I now have because of this is unreal. I am not saying this to brag, but simply to let you know that I am no different than you. You can have this too if you work for it. Because of this opportunity I paid for all of our Christmas in CASH, my student loans are almost gone and we are working on being debt free. In addition, I will be traveling to Mexico next month with Kevin to a fabulous all inclusive resort all paid for by Beachbody. Yep thats right, 5 days in Mexico because I worked my butt off this year and earned it. I can't say that this is a get rich quick type of job because it is not. You get out of it what you put into it. I put a lot into this and I train my coaches to do the same thing. But what I can say is that I would have never got into this if I didn't see the true potential in this opportunity. Keep in mind I am a business teacher for a living, I know my stuff when it comes to business and thought long and hard before I jumped in.  In one years time I have climbed to the top 2% of the company and plan to be in the top 1 % this coming year. I am currently ranked 262 out of 230,000 + coaches in the entire organization. While this is not "stellar" I am telling you this to see that I am serious about my business and the opportunity I have to offer and I am willing to teach you how to duplicate my success.

Here is what I will be offering. For five days next week, I will be running a free 5 day sneak peak into coaching. It will give you the opportunity to see what I do for a living and maybe decide if it is for you. The beauty of this business is you can have your cake and eat it too, you can turn it into a six figure income, you can call it a hobby or you can simply be a coach for the discount but you get to decided that not me. There is beauty in being your own boss. So there it is no strings attached, if it's not for you then it's not for you. It takes a driven person to come out on top in this business! I will train anyone who thinks they have what it takes.

Please fill out this application below if you would like to be added into my sneak peak group!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Bikini Boot Camp

Bikini Boot Camp

Okay, okay, okay summer is FINALLY getting closer. Thank goodness we made it thru this super long winter! I am excited for some bright summer clothes and also swimming season! I love taking my little guy to the pool and I also love spending time at the beach during the summer time. I always enjoy soaking up the sunshine on those nice warm days. I have to say though, the only thing I don't really love is picking out my bathing suit! Something about putting on a suit with pale white skin and body parts that have not seen the light of day in months that makes me cringe. Victorias Secret and Venus have been adamant about convincing me I need to get my summer swim ordered. I swear I have been getting a bathing suit catalogs once a week! If you are like me and have been getting lots of them you  may have noticed that for some reason this years suits are all about very little coverage on the booty! YIKES - why are they so darn tiny? I do a lot of squats, but I am not so sure I do enough to rock those ;)

So I had an idea the other day.... I decided I was going to host a bikini boot camp. We are going to start on Monday March 30th and work super hard for 30 days. While I usually run groups that involve the 21 day fix I am going to instead switch it up and have my challengers do the Beachboy On Demand Challenge pack and we are going to do a hybrid of a ton of different Beachbody workouts. Each day we will focus on a different bikini problem area and hopefully after 30 days of this, we will be feeling good enough to do some bikini shopping. To be in the group it will require you to commit to 30 days of Shakeology and clean eating and 30 days of GOING ALL in. No slacking and no excuses! We will really focus in on your nutrition and what you are fueling your body with because you can work out as much as you want but if we don't have your nutrition spot on - you won't get as fit looking as you want to be.

I am going to keep this group small and exclusive and I will only be taking 8 women so that we can all really connect and bond in the group. The group will provide you with daily support, accountability and motivation. There are strength in numbers and the friendship you will build is pretty fantastic too!

If you think that you could use a bikini boot camp for this years upcoming swim season please email me and I will be in touch to help get you started.

Here's to looking great this summer in that bathing suit!!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Greek Yogurt Goodness

Healthy Snacking Made Easy

I wanted to make a treat that was like frozen yogurt and had the goodies like "bark" does. I threw some things together and came up with this. Simple, easy and a hit with my boys. 

Here is what I did:
Place all of these ingredients into a bowl 
2 cups of vanilla organic greek yogurt 
2 handfuls of raisins 
2 handfulls of chocole chips
2 handfuls of almonds
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Stir these together and then pour the mixture out onto a cookie sheet that is lined with wax paper. 
Sprinke with cinnamon then place in the freezer for at least 3 hours. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Personal Development Can Change Your Game

Can Reading 10 Pages A Day Really Make  A Difference? 

When I first became a Beachbody coach one of the things that we were told to do was read at least 10 pages of personal development a day because this business can get you down sometimes with how many people turn you down some months. Also, because devoting time to personal development makes you a more inspired and motived person. Crazy right? Who the heck has time to read personal development... what does that even mean? That was my take at first, but then I decided I wanted to be successful more than anything so I was going to do what they told me to do. Holy game changer is all I can say. 

I should probably mention up front for those who don't know me that I am a high school business teacher and almost have my masters in leadership, so being a Beachbody coach is kind of like a dream job for me. I get to lead my team of coaches that work under me, I get to run my own business and I get to teach people how to be healthy and fit. I feel like I was destined for this job right? Anyways what I am getting at is that the books that I have been reading have been so enjoyalbe for me because they tend to be on topics that I already study, teach and love. I read mostly leadership and personal growth books but I also add in health, fitness and well being books as well. 

What I can tell you is that I attribute my daily positivity to this. Don't laugh but I tend to read my PD (personal development) while I am drying my hair in the mornings. I have really long thick hair so drying it take a good 15 minutes. At first I kept running out of time to get my reading but then it dawned on my why not get it done while I sat there and dried my hair? Genius I know! I love it because it sets the tone for my day. It makes me focus on the good in my life and inspires me to be a better everything - wife, mom, teacher, friend and leader. It can be hard to stay motivated sometimes but when you take small steps like this it improves your life by leaps and bounds. 

I learned from my favorite book the Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen that the difference between the extremely successful people and the average Joe's of the world are the daily habits that they cultivate. He calls it the slight edge - making easy decisions to do more and be better with consistency.  Over time they give you the upper hand on the rest of the world. 90% are okay with just being average. That other 10% are living lives many can only dream of. Guess what that 10% of people do every single day... yep you guessed it - they read... just 10 pages a day. So easy to do and also so easy not to do - so there you have it, this is why I read every day. To motivate and inspire me but also to be part of the 10% of people. I like success and I like to grow. People who lack the growth mindset are really missing out on a lot in life! 

I challenge you to try this in your own life and see where it takes you. Thanks to this habit I have a bookcase full of great reads that I can proudly say I have learned a lot from! Here are a few of my favorite ones to get you started!

  • The Slight Edge - Jeff Olsen
  • The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy
  • Push - Chaelene Johnson 
  • People Follow You - Jeff Blount 
  • You Are A Badass - Jen Sincero 
  • EntreLeadership - Dave Ramsey 
  • Hands Free Momma - Stafford 
  • #GirlBoss - Sophia Amoruso 
  • Anything written by John Maxwell 
  • Tribes - Seth Godin 
  • Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg 
  • How To Rock Your Network Marketing Business - Sarah Robbins 
* I just ordered The Body Book by Cameron Diaz and also The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy. They should be here any day and look like really great reads! 

These are just a few I could go on but this should get you started - trust me on this habit. It is a great investment in your well being! When you pick a book, pick one that is about what you need to improve on in your own life. The books above helped me and were right for where I was in my career and in life. They may not be great for you but there are great books out there that will work for you! 

Post in the comment area below any great recommendations you have for me. I am always looking for new books to add to my collection! 

Beachbody On Demand Service

Beachbody On Demand Service

I am excited to share with all of you breaking news that Beachbody on Demand is now out of the test period and available to anyone who wishes to enjoy the services. I had a exclusive sneak peak membership last month to try it out and I absolutely loved it. So what is it? Check out my sneak peak tour I created below to learn more.

BB On Demand allows you to stream many of the Beachbody programs from any device at anytime as long as you have an internet connection. No need to bring the DVD's with you if you are on the run you can access them from anywhere. This is so great for those who travel or for those who quickly get sick of one fitness program. While not every program is currently part of the On Demand services Beachbody plans to continue to grow the offerings they have online. Currently you will have access to the following programs in their entirety.  
  • P90x, P90x2, P90x3
  • Insanity & Insanity The Asylum
  • TurboFire
  • Brazil Butt Lift
  • 10 minute Trainer 
  • Hip Hop Abs
  • Chalean Extreme 
In addition Beachbody has also include one full workout from each of the following programs so that you can sample them to see if you might like that program. 
  • 21 Day Fix 
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme
  • Body Beast
  • Focus T25
  • Insanity Max 30 
  • P90 
  • Slim & Six 
Towards the end of March Beachbody is working to have updated your online library with any program you had purchased before in the past. Therefore, if you were someone like myself who already owns many of the Beachbody programs you would have access to those in your library as well in addition to what comes with it. 

The cost of Beachbody On Demand is currently included in the club membership which costs - $38.87 each quarter  - this cost is billed to you every every three months. The membership also gives you a 10% discount on all things that you purchase from Beachbody as well as the other benefits listed below.You can also purchase Beachbody on Demand as a challenge pack which will include your access to On Demand for 90 days as well as a 30 day supply of Shakeology and placement into one of my upcoming challenge groups. The cost this month of the On Demand and Shakeology combo is $140.00. You can click here to sign up for the Team Beachbody On Demand Services and have me as your coach! In the event that you need my contact info to have me connect as your coach, my email address is 

If you would like to join me in my March 16th On Demand Challenge Group please fill out the application below. I will be in touch shortly! 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Shakeology

Samoa Girl Scout Cookie

The girl scouts have nothing on this shakeo recipe! I was craving samoa cookies but knew if I bought a box, I would be eating them all in one sitting so I decided to forgo them. Came up with the recipe instead and I have to say this is a new favorite. I knocked it out of the park ;) 


10 oz of water
4 oz of coconut almond milk 
1 scoop of chocolate shakeology 
Shaker cup full of ice
1 teaspoon of coconut oil melted 
1 teaspoon of carmel extract 
1 teaspoon of fresh coconut shavings 

Fill shaker cup full of ice, water and almond milk 
Pour into the blender 
Add in shakeology, coconut oil and shavings as well as the extract. 
Blend for 1 minute and enjoy!