Monday, April 20, 2015

Fun Snack Alert - Meet PipCorn

New Favorite Find 

Can't stop eating this entire bag of yummy goodness!
Before I get into details about my new snack find,  I should tell you the little story behind it all first. For those of you who know me, you know that I teach Business Education to high school students. On a rare occasion when I know they have worked  really hard, I will reward them with watching an episode of the show Shark Tank together as a class. It's a perfect teaching tool and the students really enjoy hearing about the new business ideas and the percentage of stake the "sharks' want in the company. Well a few weeks back, I had let me Exploring Business class watch Shark Tank for the first time all year. They were hooked and loved it. During that episode the company Pipcorn came on and pitched this mini popcorn idea. Not only are they a special breed of corn kernels that don't get stuck in your teeth but are also easy on the digestive system, they are also made with fantastic clean ingredients. As I watched the episode I was really into their business idea and wanted to try the product. 
Back of the bag - ingredient list approved by my 5 ingredients or less rule! All simple and clean! 
As a class we checked out their website and the kids were really into this product too. They wanted me to buy some and bring it into class so I caved an bought the "Shark Tank" special which came with four bags in the following flavors - sea salt, rosemary, truffle, and kettle corn. While I have not opened the other flavors yet because I wanted to save it for them I have to say I LOVE the sea salt one. One thing that struck me was how much was in the bag. Most bags are full of air but this one was packed full to the top with popcorn. 
A Few Of The Other Flavors

From what I understand you can get this in some Whole Foods stores but since I don't have any near me I ordered it from their website. The shipping was pretty quick, I had it in about 5 days. It was a little expensive after shipping. I think I paid about $32.00 or so. 

What I also love about it is that the kernels are less of a choking hazard. My little guy is three so I still get nervous letting him have popcorn but this seems a little bit safer for him. He could't get enough when we tried it together the other day! The only downside is that this brand is made in a factory that also processes peanuts and tree nuts so if you or your child has an allergy this brand is off the table. 

Feel free to post some of your other favorite snack brands in the comments section below - I love trying new brands! 

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