Monday, July 14, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

"She Believed She Could So She Did"

When I started coaching in April I sought after friends and co-workers who might be crazy enough to join me on the 21 day fix journey. I loved the change and wanted to show anyone and everyone how great they could feel if they joined me. I made my first official call to action and invited anyone who wanted to join me on the journey and sign up for a challenge group. As one might expect I had many, many “no thank you” messages and many I’ll think about it later replies, some simply ignored my messages and then I had some “YES I AM IN” messages. I started with 12 people who were ready to take a leap of faith and give Beachbody and the 21-day fix a try. As of today I can say that I have been able to help 76 people so far get on track to a better life. To say it has been rewarding would be an understatement, instead I will say it has been life changing. I am a better person because of these people.

Today I want to share with you two transformation stories that are near and dear to my heart. I am proud of all of my challengers but today I want to spotlight two who believed in this with me from the beginning.

I will start with Traci. She is one of my co-workers and teaches health education. We knew each other at work but not very well. I was surprised when she messaged me about possibly being interested in trying the 21- day fix. I suggested we meet over our lunch period and chat about this and see if it might be something she wanted to try. I will be very honest with you; I was very nervous to meet with her, she is a health teacher and I am a business teacher, lets be honest she knows more about nutrition that I did at that point. The meeting went well and I truly believe that she saw this program would work. Traci had the education on how to be healthier and fit she just needed someone to walk her there because life had gotten in the way of her journey. She was worried about having the time for all of this because she was a busy working mom. After many conversations she soon learned that in order to be a better mom you have to become a better version of yourself. Traci had another teacher that joined our group as well who was a partner in crime and truly was her accountability partner and I would say best friend lately. It has been fun to see them hold each other accountable and get towards their goals. The two are now within 5 lbs of the “dream weight” they set out to achieve.

Traci like many of my other challengers is obsessed with Shakeology and has been drinking it regularly since she started this journey on April 14th. Because of the challenge group she has learned to say no to temptations and keep her goals in mind. She has not fallen off the wagon at all. Not even for a day, in fact she has not taken a rest day since we started this spring. Now that is dedication! She has also went back to running and placed 2nd in her age group this weekend in the Arts Fest 5k in our town.

Traci started the journey at 144 lbs – She now weights 125 lbs. She has also lost 22 inches overall. She went from a size 12 to a 4. She did the 21-day fix for 3 rounds and has been doing Body Pump as well as running to achieve this. She will be the first to tell you that getting back is shape is a lot of damn work but it feels so good to achieve the goals!!! Traci, you inspire me, thanks for being brave enough to join me!

My next challenger I want to spotlight is Kim. Kim is my yes girl. She is up for everything and is always so positive and determined. The very first day I signed up to be a coach I walked into the school where my son attends and told her my crazy new plan. She looked at me and said “I’m in” just like that. I was astonished that she was ready to believe in my so quickly but she did. I am so thankful that she decided to join me. She kept telling me she was ready to make a change and boy was she ever. There has not been a day go by that she has not been kicking her butt and sticking with this. If I had to make a poster child for the 21 day fix out of all of my girls I would pick Kim because she TRULY LOVES the program!! We tease her that Autumn the trainer in the video is her girl.

Having Kim in the group has been fun but what was even more fun was that I got to see her every single morning as I started my day. I would drop my son off at his school and she would be there almost every day bright and early with her Shakeology in hand and smile on her face. She made me believe that I truly was helping to make someone’s life better. Her positivity was a great start to my day each morning. Because of Kim I have also received fantastic referrals of challengers whom I may have never met on my own. She is the queen of referrals but takes no credit for it. I keep telling her she should be a coach but she prefers me to do the coaching for now. Without her I would not have been able to start my business as strongly as I have so far. For that I am forever grateful.

Kim went full speed ahead with not only changing her own ways but also the ways of her family. If you are a mom you can attest that this is never an easy task. It is one thing to change your own eating habits but to bring your family on board with you takes determination. Her children will now grow up in a house the values clean eating and exercise. How lucky for them.

Kim is working on her 4th round of the 21- day fix. While the rest of my beginning challengers have moved on to new programs Kim still loves the fix and is sticking with it. She ordered the upgrade DVD’s for a change up and as I mentioned before is our 21-day fix poster child. She did the Shakeolgoy cleanse to break thru a weight loss plateu around Easter and also did the 3 day refresh this past week. Not only does she love her shakes but she also swears by E&E -which is Energy and Endurance- a pre workout drink that BeachBody offers.

Since our April 14th start date Kim has lost 13 pounds and 7 inches total. She looks amazing and has abs that most women her age would kill for. In fact let me just say most women regardless of their age ;)

I am excited to see what program she picks next – replacing her love for the fix will be tricky!! Kim keep up your hard work – when you put your heart into something you really can achieve it!

If you want to be just like Traci and Kim message me to secure a spot in my upcoming challenge group: 

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