Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Call To Action Time

Call To Action Time - July Challenge Groups Forming 
Once every month I give my call to action shout out and this is the time for anyone who has been thinking about giving a challenge group a try a chance to step up to the plate and join in on the fun. I take applicants at the beginning of the month and will put them into the following challenge groups based on their goals and plans for the future.

July 7th - Piyo Test Group - These challengers are going to be lucky enough to be doing PiYo with me as I give the program a try for the first time. These challengers are going to follow the 60 day program in its entirety and follow the nutrition guide as well as the workout schedule. These challengers will be my poster children for PiYo! I am especially interested in having some pregnant women in the group as well as those who have been restricted to exercise in the past because of injury. If you want to be one of the first I have coached with PiYo this is your call to action. Check out the page on PiYo to learn more about the program. 

July 21st - This challenge group will be for anyone looking to learn more about clean eating and exercise. Many challengers will be doing the 21 day fix but I will also take those interested in other programs. This group will last for 30 days - it will be quick, simple and guaranteed to work as long as you do your part! 

July 28th - This will be my first 30 day clean eating group that I will have hosted. This is for those who are looking to learn about clean eating but do not have the time or are not ready for the exercise piece. Research shows that weight loss is 80/20 - 80% nutrition and 20% exercise so why not focus on your nutrition first if this is where you want to start. I will teach you how to meal plan, we will discuss clean eating and teach you how to become better at it as well as share many clean recipes and meal plans. This group will kick off with you doing the 3 day refresh to jump start your system then we will eat clean and drink Shakeology for 30 days. After those 30 days are up we will talk about a plan for how you want to approach your weight loss goals moving forward. 

 In the group I will teach you about clean eating, motivate you daily, post recipes, and support you as you change your lifestyle. This accountability piece is what many of you are missing. Many of us need someone to check in on us daily and see how things are going and to support you when you veer off the path. It happens - we are human but if you have someone to help you will meet your goals much faster.

If you have been watching my posts and considering giving this a try or maybe even have told me no in the past. Now is your time to say yes to this. Say yes to getting your life back on track and feeling good about yourself. This time is now not tomorrow or a month from now it's today because tomorrow is not promised. Join me, you will not regret it! 

Email me to reserve your spot and let me know what challenge group you are interested in: 

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