Monday, July 21, 2014

Transformation Tuesday- Jennifer

When Your Why Is Big Enough, You Will Find Your How.... 
Meet Jenn

This Tuesday I am excited and proud to share with you one of my co-workers transformation stories.  She also was one of my first challengers. Initially, I posted to my Facebook friends about trying my challenge group that I had planned to start up in April. She reached out to me with an interest and jumped on right away. She started with the 21-day fix on April 16th.  If I were going to describe Jenn in one word I would say determined. She had her eye on the prize from day one. She set a goal weight for herself and has refused to stop until she gets there.

I should first tell you that not only does she teach health professions at my school she is also a physical therapist and a personal trainer. This woman is an expert in the field and knew exactly what it would take to get to her goal weight. She is my calculator on all things 21 day fix related and always has wonderful insight and advice for the challengers in my group. She has posted every single day since we started and has truly held herself and many other challengers accountable. The only time we did not hear from her was on her trip to Mexico when she didn’t have any wifi. We missed her while she was away. The group felt much quieter and a little less fun.

In the beginning I remember her being frustrated with the workouts and the change that she had to make in her lifestyle. The first few weeks were rough for her and hard on her body.  I remember her questioning if she could even do the fix. I was worried that she might quit in the beginning but something clicked and she did what many struggle to do. She didn’t quit when it was hard she pushed harder and reminded herself WHY she was here. She also had an accountability partner, which helped tremendously.

To date, Jenn did 3 rounds of the 21-day fix and has now begun to transition into phase 2 of Les Mills Body Pump. At the end of the day I don’t think she will ever “leave” Autumns 10 minute ab fix. It is her favorite ab workout and she still swears by it daily. Since Jenn is a schoolteacher she now has had the summer to dedicate to losing the last bit of weight she has been working to get rid of. I tease her because it has become her part time job. She is working out LIKE a crazy woman!! In addition to doing Body Pump and usually does 10 minute abs, sometimes Piyo and also usually a walk each day that tends to near around 5 miles per day give or take. As you can see she is DETERMINED!! Jenn now practices strict clean eating and like my other challengers is a Shakeology addict. She was able to really get rid of her sweets cravings and was able to replace that with the daily shakes. At the beginning of the summer she signed up to be a discount coach to get her shakes for a 25% discount. She is not currently “coaching” anyone other than the challengers in our group. She said maybe when she gets to her goal weight she would consider it. If she does decide to do this, her challengers will have one heck of a coach!!

Her beginning weight was 168 pounds. She now weights 140 pounds. That is almost 30 pounds in 90 days!! She has also lost a total of 21.7 inches. Her transformation is amazing. She truly looks so much more happy and healthier. Jenn you are beautiful inside and outside. Thanks for inspiring others!!

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