Thursday, July 31, 2014

Body Beast - Guys I'm Calling On You This Time

Body Beast Challenge Group 

Since I have started being a coach, I have mostly just worked with women. Lots of moms and lots of schoolteachers have been my specialty but this August I am looking to work with a new market. Body Beast is going on sale for August and I would like to host a group for the guys. Body Beast is a killer program to get you ripped all from home and the price this month is unbeatable.  It is designed to pack on 10 lbs of muscles in 90 days using Dynamic Set Training. The program was developed and hosted by the champion bodybuilder Sagi Kalev.

The program comes with an in-depth nutrition program in addition to the workouts and supplements to transform you and pack on muscle fast. The supplement system developed specifically for Body Beast puts you on the fast track to achieving the physique that millions of men dream of but fail to achieve due to lack of proper supplementation.

Below is a chart that illustrates what the different workouts would be focusing on: 

Equipment that you would need in addition to the challenge pack would be:
* Pull up bar
* Bench or stability ball
* EZ Curl Bar with weight plates
* Dumbbells

Lucky for me my husband Kevin will be doing the program starting the 3rd Monday in August. I am pretty pumped to see the transformation that his body will take on.  If you would like to join him and be in my challenge group I would be happy to talk more with you. I don’t know many guys who don’t want to be ripped, and I won’t lie us ladies like it too. Please send me an email to reserve your spot. 

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