Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dream Boards... Do You Have One?

Dream Boards… Do You Have One?

When we were little everyone always asked us what do you want to do or be when you grown up? People were intrigued by your answers and as you got older those dreams are what most of you majored in college or went on to pursue a career in. Then you achieved those dreams. Now what?? May of us stop dreaming as we get older or we say things like man someday I would like to do _______ but never put a date on when or put a plan into action on how you would like to accomplish it.

Well friends I hate to tell you this but us adults we have it wrong. We weren’t supposed to stop dreaming about what we wanted out of life. That’s why many of you got old and boring - right? Kidding… well kind of.

As I have been working to teach myself how to be more successful I have been spending lots of time working with successful people and reading books that successful people read and basically looking for how to make it big and accomplish dreams that seem far out there.  You see I have the dream I wanted. I have a loving husband, a healthy child, I am educated, I have a rewarding career, a beautiful home, I have great friends and family, I have faith and my struggles in life are not real struggles in life in comparison to most. I will be the first to say I have it pretty darn good, but here’s where I messed up for a little bit. I stopped dreaming. I felt pretty accomplished so I took a break on daydreaming. Well that’s not the right path you want to be on. You need to always be dreaming and setting new goals for yourself. The question becomes what’s next.

I want you to look at your life and decided where do you want to be in a year? What do you want to say you have accomplished in a years time. Have you thought about it? Have you talked with your significant other? If you have someone this is not a task you want to do by yourself. Achieving your dreams takes some support so you will need them by your side. Make it a team effort. You should consider creating a dream board. A dream board is something that you will have as a visual to remind yourself daily what it is you are trying to accomplish. It should have a date that you want to accomplish it by and you need a plan for how you can do that.

The dream board can have relationship goals, financial goals, health goals, professional goals whatever it might be spell it all out write it down and look at it every single day. The likelihood of you achieving it is much great than if you just say some day I would like to do ______________.” When you set the goals make them acheivable but also big dreams. Make yourself work to have to accomplish them.  The board should be something that is fun to look at it, decorate it, include pictures, use some quotes do whatever makes you happy but just be sure to do it.

Time is a wasting… what are you going to accomplish in a years time?

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