Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What To Buy Your Fit Friends For Christmas

Merry Fitmas!

Christmas is almost a week away and you may still need to get some shopping done. I wanted to give you a few ideas incase you still have to go shopping and have someone who is into fitness on your list. Thought I would give you my top 10 favorite fitness items and gadgets. 

1. If your fit friend likes to take a lot of workout pictures of themselves you may want to grab them a selfie stick or a Lumee. A Lumee is case for your cell phone that works as a light box. It helps to get the lighting just right for all the selfies they may be taking. It may seem silly, but if they are posting pictures all the time they will love this. It is one of the top items on my Christmas list this year. They actually made the list for Oprah's Favorites things. This will cost you about $55.00. 

2. I am willing to bet that your fit friend drinks a lot of water. I try my best to slug down at least half of my weight in ounces of water each day. I got away from drinking all of this water out of a plastic bottle and have switched to only glass water bottles. It's better for me and for the environment. There are plenty of them out there on the market that you can find. I use the Ello brand and I got mine from Target. The price isn't all that bad either. It will only cost you about $15.00 

3. My social media followers know that I am a headband girl when it comes to the workouts. I literally cannot do one without my headbands. Trust me when I say I have tried a lot. You don't even want to see what my drawer looks like where I keep them all. I have one for every outfit in every color of the rainbow. My favorite has to be the Under Armor braids. They stay on the best and are thick enough to hold all of my hair back. My second favorite is the Nike Pro ones. You can find these at Dick's Sporting Goods but if you have a TJ Max near you I would check there first. Sometimes you can find them for half the price. The only thing is they tend to be last seasons colors but who really cares about then when it comes to workout clothes. 

4. Swirly - do's - Let me guess, you have never heard of them before. I hadn't either until my mom brought me a pack home from Hawaii. They really are not all that cute but if you have thick hair this is a must. I can do hard core cardio with lots of moving and jumping around and my bun never looks any different than when I started. Holds it up like a champ. No falling out. Which if you workout, you know is a huge pain in the butt. A bad ponytail holder has the potential to ruin a workout. ;) 

5. Motivational fun workout tanks are all the rage lately. You can find cute ones everywhere. Target and Kohl's have them for pretty cheap or you can check out Etsy or one of the many online websites. I have bought a few that I liked from Ruffles with Love and also Fitpiration Couture. I am hoping to get the one pictured below for Christmas this year. It's so me. 

6. If your fit friend is a lady she needs a good sports bra. While the Victoria Secret sport ones are cute looking I actually hate them. To many hooks and wires to be comfortable for a workout. I love the Nike Pro ones with the light padding in them. Comfy with enough support for cardio days. I live in mine when I am not at work! You can find them in most all stores that carry workout clothes, but I tend to get mine at Dick's Sporting Goods. These cost around $40.00. 

7. A good pre-workout drink is a must when your working out hard. I never used to use one until I started to do my Beachbody programs. I swear by Energize from Beachbody's Performance Line now each day before I start my workouts I have a glass. My hubby swears by it too now. 4:30 am hurts but this helps me to have some get up and go and gives me the energy to push a little harder in the workout which helps me to get better results. Tastes just like lemon Crystal Light! 

8. Shoes are always a girls best friend. If you could see my shoe collection of stilettos you would blush. I have SO many pairs but my shoe fetish isn't just with stilettos it's also with tennis shoes. When I started working out more often, I was trying to wear running shoes when I should have been wearing cross trainers. The wrong pair of shoes can make working out a lot less fun. Be sure you are wearing the right pair for the type of workout you are doing. The tread on the bottom of a cross trainer looks different than a running shoe. It allows for more agility as you move. I am a fan of the Nike Free TR shoes

9. Even though I never have time to sit down and relax, I still look forward to a magazine in the mail each month. I love clean eating magazines and also fitness magazines. This year Women's Health magazine was running a promo that you could get a one year subscription to Women's Health and Men's health for only $15.00. Really a great deal compared to buying them outright. 

10. My last item on the fit friend holiday list is the program that got me started with my own fitness journey. That is the 21 day fix challenge pack. It's the best gift you could give to someone who loves fitness or who needs to begin their own weight loss journey. It's the real deal and truly works. It teaches portion control and clean eating and the workouts are only 30 minutes a day for just 21 days. I have been coaching for almost two years now and hands down this the best program we have for someone who wants to see results and wants to see them in a shorter period of time. I can't say enough great things about this one. It is absolutely a gift of health that so many really could benefit from. 

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays! Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for a great fitness gift that I might enjoy giving or getting! Always love trying new products!! 

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