Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dreaming Big In 2016

Dreamer Or Doer? Which Are You? 

Dreamer or doer? Which are you? 
Dreamers are the ones who talk about all the wonderful things they want to do someday or accomplish but struggle with the follow thru. They lack the action, motivation and the persistence that is required to conquer big dreams. 
Doers are the ones who stop at nothing to make things happen. They believe in their own dreams often before others do. They refuse to stop. They set goals that scare them they are so big and they put a date on when they will achieve them. This year I want to encourage you all to be doers. To set goals for yourself that focus on many areas of your life not just a specific weight loss goal like so many often set at the start of a New Year. 
I call this making a "DREAM BOARD." It is something that is a visionary piece for myself and my husband so that we can see what goals we are working towards accomplishing in the coming year. 
This will be my second year to make a dream board. It's actually really fun. We have ours hung up in our bedroom so we can see it each day. It's a suttle reminder to keep my life on track with where I want to be doing. The goals are shared goals of things that truly matter to us in our life. They are a combination of family, relationship, vacation, financial, business and life goals. We worked to set them together and then each month we take deliberate action to get ourselves one step closer to the big goals on the board. We won't accomplish all of them and that's actually okay. It just means we are many steps closer than we were before. 

They say when you are doing goal setting you should set SMART goals. If you are unfamiliar with goal setting activities this might be new to you. Here is what the acronym means. 
S - Specific 
M- Measurable 
A - Attainable 
R - Realistic 
T - Time bound 
This means that you are not just setting "pie in the sky" goals for yourself. Your mapping out the how and the when of your goal. Which makes accomplishing it much easier. 

Make your dream boards something worth looking at. Include fun colors, pictures, your favorite quotes that motivate you and get crafty. This should be relaxing and motivating not stressful. 

They say that the most successful people in life are the ones with a plan and big dreams. So my advice to you is that you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling! 

This is what we hang our differnt goals on. It's a frame I got from Pier One a few years ago.  It matches our room which is gray and yellow. It fits perfectally with the decor. 
Happy 2016 - May it be healthy, happy and fun!

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