Monday, December 14, 2015

Transformation Tuesday - Meet The New Stephanie

Believe You Can & You Will

Today I get to highlight one of my coaches and her transformation story. I am an awe of her accomplishments and how far she how come along in her own journey. It excites me to see where is is going with this business. I have asked her to share her story and what the road to becoming the "new Stephanie" has looked like. So glad to have her on my team. I should also add that she is my first challenger/ coach from Canada. Love watching the team grow like it has. Congratulations to you Steph. Excited to see what is in store for you next!

I grew up in a small community and was raised with my mom, grandmother and uncle. I never knew my father because he left when I was very young but I know I was raised in the best hands possible and I would not change it even if I could. I was always the 'goody two shoes' who never wanted to get in trouble largely because I didn't want to be a disappointment to my family. Growing up I thought every happy, sad or celebratory event needed to be based around food – that’s just how my family comes together. In my teenage years, I was very active and had a small interest in trying to eat healthy but it wasn’t very strong. I had a poor body image and was never satisfied by my appearance which I believe many people can relate.

As I started growing up, I wanted to change the world but I didn't know how I could do that. I decided I wanted to go to medical school and find cures for at least one of the diseases that take so many people away from us too soon. My first year university shattered those dreams because I realized I did not like biology so I needed a career change. I chose to obtain a degree in chemistry instead. As I went through my undergrad, I remember calling home on several occasions with various new degrees that I wanted to purse. I was still unsure of my passion and what made me completely happy. Yes, I like chemistry and science and I am always reading up on the latest and greatest but it also isn't the thing that I hold most dearly to my heart. In my first year (actually only 8 months) of undergrad I gained 20 - 30 lbs between eating a lot of frozen quick meals along with some alcohol consumption and a pretty sedentary lifestyle the weight increased rapidly. In my final year of undergrad I managed to take some of that weight off by going to the gym but of course I didn’t stick with it.

After my undergrad, I went on to obtain my masters in Chemistry mainly because I still didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted to do with my life. During that time, I was in an unhealthy relationship. Between the stress of my masters and being in an unhealthy relationship I quickly gained weight again. This time it wasn't only my weight that took a hit but my whole life derailed to the point that one day I woke up not recognizing myself – physically and spiritually. I was 5’1” and 170 lbs. I was also turning to alcohol for a quick release but it was having a negative effect on every area of my life. I knew I needed to do something so I joined a gym and started learning about various healthy/clean/raw eating. I learned how to read the back of a food label and what it all meant. I asked questions to people I knew could help me but they were limited because I didn’t want to ‘bug’ them too much. I had success with it but what really changed everything was the 21 day fix meal plan and workouts. A friend told me about 21 day fix and I was hesitant at first but a few people were on the program and I figured I would give it a shot. The meal plan was so simple to follow and it didn’t leave me feeling hungry (most days ;)). The workouts were really well done and only 30 minutes long (everyone can spare 30 minutes for a workout). BUT what I really loved was the community – the support given by coaches and other clients. It was finally a program where I didn’t feel like I was doing it alone. I found my coach randomly through social media and am so happy I am able to work with her and her incredible team. I finally found a community where I fit in and have common interests and I am able to connect with them via online calls every Sunday night. The accountability/challenge groups allow everyone to feel like it’s a safe place to post good days or bad days and to get support and information from people within the groups, especially coaches. Since I had such success I wanted to share the opportunity with friends/family and other Canadians. On my journey, I always longed for someone to be able to turn to and ask questions and get support but I didn’t have that option...but I want others to have it so they don’t have to feel the way I did! Weigh loss can be a lonely road but it doesn’t have to be.  

I have recently lost 50 lbs and have accomplished many goals such as running a 5 km race, trying various fitness classes (yoga, weight lifting, cycling, swimming, circuit training, etc.), gaining confidence and loving my body. I recently became a Beachbody coach and I am so happy to be able to help others with their goals. I am no longer the person who needs alcohol to drown out reality or the person who was too intimidated to realize she was in an unhealthy relationship. I have learned to (and am continuing to learn to) deal with stress rather than letting it take over. Now, I look after myself because I don’t want to be the ‘old me’ and I want to make as many people feel as good as I do! 

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