Monday, December 21, 2015

Coming Down From Too Much Holiday Eating

5 Easy Detox Tips

holiday detox, binge eating, nutrition tips, green tea, new years resolution,

Let me guess, now that the holiday's are coming to a close your feeling bloated and stuffed. The good news is your not alone and there is an easy way to get back on track to feeling more energized. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips for getting you back on track.

Often my challengers will ask me how do you know if you should do a detox or cleanse? I ask them how their sleeping habits have been. What their energy levels look like. What they are craving. If they feel or look bloated. If they ever have "brain fog"  and what their current nutrition looks like. Typically they have many of these symptoms and often confess that their nutrition ins't so hot. Sometimes I will encourage them to do an actual cleanse or detox like the 3 day refresh. I recommend this to someone who is at a weight loss plateau or to someone looking to kick start their new eating habits. but sometimes I simply suggest they start with these easy action steps and see where that gets them.

holiday detox, binge eating, nutrition tips, green tea, new years resolution,
These are some before and after pictures of my husband and I after we did a 3 day cleanse. We don't do them often but when we do we are always happy with the results.
1. I am a huge fan of doing the gallon challenge. Normally I suggest that my clients drink half of their weight in water each day but when you are coming down from an eating binge, I actually suggest they up their intake and strive to drink an entire gallon of water. When I am trying to eliminate bloat I go for distilled water but I don't drink distilled water all of the time. It can actually be hard on your body to process.

holiday detox, binge eating, nutrition tips, green tea, new years resolution,

If your not a fan of plain water just add in fruits and other herbs or spices to give it some extra flavor. 
2. Gotta sweat out those toxins. If your looking to lose the bloat, I would encourage you to kick it up a notch for a week and do some sort of cardio workout on  Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do some strength training on Tuesday and Thursday. I would only go for a 30 minute session. Consistency will be key compared to spending hours in the gym. 

holiday detox, binge eating, nutrition tips, green tea, new years resolution,

3. Nutrition wise, I would encourage you to up the number of proteins you are consuming and decrease the number of carbs and fruit. I make an intentional effort to cut out all junk food and sugar. In a typical day my nutrition would look something like this below. The second image shows what it looks like when I am upping my protein and decreasing my carb intake. Keep in mind this calculation is for my body type. Depending on your height and weight the formula for what you are eating may look different. The cravings you may be having for sweets and salty things will go away after a few short days.
Normal Meal Plan Day 
Higher protein, less carb kind of day
4. If you do start to notice you are having some cravings, use green tea to curb your appetite. Not only will it help, but it is also a natural antioxidant. When I am trying to get rid of bloat, I typically will have three hot green teas in a day and not have any coffee. On a normal day I would only have green tea once in the evening to help with my night time snack cravings.
holiday detox, binge eating, nutrition tips, green tea, new years resolution,

5. My last tip would be to be mindful of what you are doing and the things you are craving. The more aware you are of the things you are putting into your body, the more likely you will be to stay on course. I encourage you to use a food journal or use an app on your cell phone to keep track.  My fitness pal and Loose It are great apps for this.

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