Saturday, January 31, 2015

What I Can't Do For You As A Beachbody Coach...

What I Can't Do For You As A Beachbody Coach...

Today’s message is one for anyone who is feeling discouraged or wishing they were closer to a weight loss goal to listen up. Today I am going to tell you all the things that I CANNOT do for you as a health and fitness coach. What? This lady is going to talk about what she can’t do as a coach? This should be interesting because who would write a post about what they can’t do… RIGHT?

As I get closer and closer to my one year anniversary with Beachbody I am learning that in order for my clients to find true success this journey has to be their own. I get clients at all different levels of their journey. Some are just starting, some want to try something new and some are already in great shape. Everyone seems to need something different and everyone seems to get varied results. The results that they get are simply based on one thing. THEY HAVE TO WANT TO CHANGE MORE THAN THEY WANT TO STAY THE SAME. The ambition and excitement that comes along with getting ready to start a challenge group is something that you simply can’t beat. It’s exciting and motivating and for many it’s hope for something they have been yearning for. But after a little bit of time that excitement can wear off. You want to know why? Because losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is freaking hard some days. There are days when you just want to eat like crap and skip the workouts. You want to quit because it’s easier than sticking with your program and staying on track. Some days you want to hit the drive thru instead of eating the lunch you made for yourself and somedays it feels overwhelming when your goal seems so far away. But you see, I have two types of challengers those who are in it for the long haul even when it gets hard and I have those who are kinda sorta in. They might do it for a month or so or maybe longer but they are not “all in” and when you are not all in your results will take so much longer to come. Don’t be fooled by my challengers who have lost A LOT of weight. It wasn’t magic, they didn’t just drink Shakeology and wake up with a six pack. They fought for where they are. They struggled but they didn’t give up. They found support in the group and in each other and that's why they lost all of the weight. They leaned on each other so they could rise together. That's why challenge groups rock. It allows you to be surrounded by people who are all fighting the same fight and get how you are feeling. It’s the best way to turn your lifestyle around.

I think it is important that I mention as a coach I cannot want this for you more than you can. I cannot make you press play on your workouts, I cannot come to your house and prep your foods nor can I always do your meal plans for you. YOU have to want this and YOU have to show up every single day even when it’s hard. You have to push even on days when you just don’t feel like it. But what I can do is be your biggest cheerleader, your therapist and your friend. I can be your safe place to vent when things get hard and I can be the one who celebrates major lifestyle change victories with you but YOU have to want it for you even more than I do.

So my message is this, if you have ever bought a challenge pack or fitness program did you go all in until you got where you wanted to be or did you give up? You owe it to yourself not to quit. You know what quitting feels like and you don’t want that for yourself. For once, I want to see you prove yourself wrong and go accomplish what your wishing. I’ll be right by your side for as long as you need me.

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