Sunday, February 1, 2015

Insanity Max 30 - Week 8 In Review

I Knew I Could...

Getting pumped as I took on the last week! 

What a busy week this past week was! Between my two snow days, my birthday, a trip to Pittsburgh for a doctors appt and dinner with my challengers the week flew by faster than I could have blinked. It felt so good to get closer and closer to the end of this 60 day program Each day brought me closer and closer to being able to check off the box that took me one step closer to the goal I thought in December was going to be impossible to achieve. Today I am happy to report that I am officially an Insanity Max 30 graduate!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

FOCUS was my motto this week

This shirt  is so fitting for my 4:30 am work out wake up call. Somedays the struggle really is real. 

I was proud to say I rocked the workouts this week! Got them all in on the days I was supposed to get them in on. No excuses and no cheats! My nutrition was an entirely different story. Being home from work all day is made it way harder to stay out of the pantry and fridge. I was trying to lean out and have less carbs and fruit last week and up my protein servings but my brain just was not digging it. I kept wanting to inhale carbs. I think when you restrict something from your usual habits it becomes a mind day.

As far as cheats go for this week some of the really bad ones would be a few slices of a Dairy Queen Cake that my husband brought home for me for my birthday. A salted caramel pretzel milkshake that I splurged on at a new restaurant my husband and I tried on our way home from my doctors appt in Pittsburgh and a white pizza from Champs from when I went out to dinner with some of my challengers and coaches. Busy week full of not so hot food choices.
One of my cheats this week... Salted caramel pretzel milk shake... This thing made me terribly sick. Sugar feels like poison when you eat clean then cheat! UGH! 

While it would be nice to show you my after pictures and be able to say I lost oodles of weight and dropped a pants size or something, but I cannot say that I did because I only lost around 4 lbs. WHAT 4lbs in 60 days? I know you're thinking “that must not work then.” You see your wrong and you're wrong for two reasons. Number one I was not all in on my nutrition. I was focused about 75 - 80% of the time. I took this train off the the tracks a few times a week and didn’t stress about it. What I have found is that you can kill yourself working out but if you don’t focus on what you are fueling your body with your wasting your time. The second reason is that I started at 120 lbs and a size 0. When you are a size 0 you don’t have much room to go anywhere while still being “healthy” and losing weight at that size is very hard to do while still eating in a healthy range. I have said this before but I weigh almost the same as I did when I started exercising last year at this time but my body looks very different. I do not do this to be “skinny.” I have been “skinny” all my life. I do it to be healthy and fit. Fit and skinny are not the same thing I have come to learn.

 My little man wanted to join me in the after poses

I will take my small transformation and go with it. Still working on my abs! That is the area that I still want to improve upon. A six pack never looked too bad on anyone.

I am taking this week off from anything other than ab workouts. I am eating up in my calorie bracket to give my body a break because next week I am going to start on 21 day fix extreme which will be a true challenge. It comes out tomorrow and I think it might be what helps get me to a six pack or maybe at least a 4 pack ;)

Thanks for following my journey! I hope that I have somehow inspired you to want to make your own health a priority in your life! Always remember. YOU MATTER!!!

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  1. You look great :-) way to go girl :-) love Carter's photo bomb!

    1. Thank you Erin! So do you!!!! Excited to see what extreme can do for us!!!

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