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Beachbody Super Friday Event In Pittsburgh, PA

Surround Yourself With People Who Dream Bigger Than You Do...


This weekend I was lucky enough to spend time with some of the top coaches in the Beachbody organization, the CEO of the company and one of the celebrity trainers Autum Calabrese who created the 21 day fix workout program. Beachbody hosts Super Saturday trainings quarterly and this quarter since one of our upline coaches Melaine Mitro earned top coach in the company they flew the CEO out to help celebrate. Below I will share with you some of the highlights of the weekend and why I came home with even more passion to help teach others how to live the best version of their own lives.

The theme for this quarters event was WHITE CARPET! We needed to dress to impress and wear white. Wearing white in January? Say what??? It made it hard to find a dress in that color but last weekend the light bulb clicked and I head off to Davids Bridal. I am 99% certain I was wearing a destination wedding dress for the evening but hey who doesn't want to wear a wedding dress for an evening! I went with classy and simply. But wearing white in January required a bit more of a tan than that I had, so I hit up Ulta and bought some spray tan. I don’t think I looked too orange and was glad to have a little glow for the event.

Friday I took the day off of work to travel to the city. We were staying at the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. The hotel was stunning and it was so exciting to just get away even if it was just for an evening. When we arrived in town we did not have tons of time to get ready so we checked in and started to get glammed up. I ended up getting a ticket for my husband to come along. I should note that he has been one of my biggest supporters of me doing Beachbody. He seems to see the passion I have in my heart for it and how happy it makes me feel when I can help others learn to be successful and get great results.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first 500 in line so that meant that after the training event I would get my picture taken with Autumn Calabrese and Carl Daikeler the CEO. I was sooo pumped! We sat through a few hours of recognition for top coaches and trainings about upcoming Beachbody products and success stories. We hear the CEO speak about the plans for the future and how as coaches we get to help end the trend against obesity. It was pretty powerful to be sitting in that audience.

When that portion was over we got our picture taken and had to QUICKLY change into our workout clothes. Autumn lead us through one of her workouts for the new 21 day fix extreme that will come out on February 2nd. That workout was NO JOKE! We were drenched in sweat. My 21 day fix graduates you are not going to want to miss this new program. Talk about taking it up a notch.
Quickly had to change from glammed up to workout gear!
One of my fellow coaches and friends Maegan!
Maegan, Deidra and I - We all waitressed in college together and now we are all on the same team! Pretty cool how life brings you back together.
The energy that comes from working out with 1,000 people at a time is pretty incredible. We had little room to move and it was pretty warm in there. However, I was in the front row so there was no quitting when it was hard. I was all in!

Autumn Calabrese about to kick our butt with the 21 day fix extreme
After the workout was done we headed up to the room and changed. I joined my coach and some of the other diamond coaches on the team for a dinner in the hotel. It was so nice to be able to spend time with these people I have spent the last year with working online all the time. I loved the quality time because they simply just “get” what its like to be a coach.

The following morning we were woke up by room service for breakfast. It was a nice change from being woke up by a toddler.

That day I had a Dream Team Live Training for coaches. Some of the top coaches on our team spoke about what it took to get them there and why they are successful. Hearing their stories made this dream of mine all the more achievable. Many of them were teachers and nurses before there were able to do this full time. To hear that they were just where I am now a few years back and are now  pushing over six figure incomes made my heart flutter. I tell my coaches this and all of my family that I will be a top coach someday, I just need a few years to get there. I like to be successful when I do things and I like to my coaches to be successful that I train. Mediocre is not in my vocabulary.
A few of the coaches from the Forever Fit Team I am on at the training.
The star of the weekend and my businesswoman role model  - Melanie Mitro - #1 coach in the company
After the training we headed off to our diamond lunch that my upline Deidra Penrose treated us to. She takes great care of us and is always a fantastic mentor to me. In addition she likes to spoil us when we do well. Yesterdays treat was a new Michael Kors purse and an adorable bracelet with our teams motto on it. We shared a few laughs at lunch enjoyed a not so healthy Mexican lunch and said our good byes before we had to head back to home pick up our son. We won't all be together again until our Success Club trip we earned to Mexico this April. So it was good bye for just a few months until we are reunited again!
My upline Deidra - She is one of my biggest supporters and fan!
 My beautiful new present from Deidra!
                                               A few of the diamonds from our team!
When I left there my heart felt simply felt  full. It made me eager to get home and start working even harder! The weekends motto was that “Everybody matters.” Every single customer, coach, every person who we work with matters and I have the opportunity to make their life better. It’s a pretty powerful feeling. Talk about a rewarding profession.

My 1 year anniversary will come up in March. I started this coaching opportunity to just get my Shakeology for a discount. It has turned into my passion and I put in countless hours a week trying to build a successful business. Being a coach has three parts - the first is helping others succeed in the program that Beachbody has to offer by running challenge groups and teaching them how to live a healthier lifestyle. The second part is about training my coaches that I recruit to be on my team how to be successful and duplicate the success that I am having. The third it that I am constantly getting trainings and trying to grow personally. While I have not exceeded my teaching income yet I am getting closer each month. Having the extra income has been nice, but what has been nicer is knowing that I have the power to help people gain financial freedom by being a coach. I hear so many people tell me that they wish they could stay home or that they are sick of their jobs or even that they just could use more money to help pay for groceries. Its pretty cool to be able to tell them that I have the answer for them. With coaching the rewards come with what you put into it. This isn’t a get rich quick opportunity, but I will say if you work hard there is certainly a reward in it for you. Coaches don’t have to have any prior experience or have to be in super good shape, they just have to have a passion to make a difference in someones life. The rest we can teach you.  A few months back everything clicked for me. I realized why I LOVED coaching. Its because it combines all of my own passions - I am getting to teach people how to live differently, I am using my business knowledge to run my own business and I am using my masters degree in leadership to lead my team. Its the perfect fit. Its a beautiful thing when your passion and your career come together. It never feels like work.

If you think that being a coach seems like something that you might be interested in please fill out the coach application below and I will be in touch to talk about the opportunity over the phone. My team is growing and I am always looking for motivated people to help me change the world for the better.

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