Sunday, January 25, 2015

7 Day Free Clean Eating Group

Test The Waters... Free Clean Eating Group For All! 

I am not usually one to do free clean eating groups. I tend to just have my challenge groups for those who are working with me as their health coach for challenge groups. After putting lots of thought into it, I decided that maybe it was time to give others a sneak peak into what my challenge groups look like without having to committ to trying a particular program. I have decided to launch a 7 day free clean eating group for anyone who would like to participate. I will provide you with some meal plan examples as well as grocery list options. In addition I will also provide you with a short daily workout, recipes and also some wellness tips to help you kick start your journey towards being healthier. 

You have nothing to lose, no strings attached just some free help from someone who cares about others and teaching the world how to live a little healthier! We start February 2 - the day after the Super Bowl - talk about perfect timing for a refresh! 

Email me to reserve your spot. 

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