Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Insanity Max 30 - Week 5 In Review

Month 2  = Mind Games 

The first week of month two seemed to kick my butt. There is a reason why we don’t touch it until Shaun T has conditioned you thru that first month. YIKES! Its completely a mind game and you have to be “all in” every single time you press play to be able to withstand the entire 30 minutes. I found myself wanting to quit about 20 minutes in each day last week but I decided to stick it out anyways.

The trainer does a great job of keeping your head in the game and “coaching” you thru. I found I was better with the workouts earlier in the day when I had a lot of focus. I also prefer to conquer month 2 without interruptions. I had my son with me a few times and it made the challenge even more challenging. I squeezed the ab workout in a few days last week and am going to try to shoot for more this coming week.

I have noticed that my heart rate monitor is beeping often because I am out of the suggested range and not out of it because I am not moving enough more like because I am going a bit too hard. I keep going but it has caught my attention the last few times and when that happens I have started to modify a little bit.

Speaking of modifiers, can I just say how thankful I am that there is one because some of those moves I was not ready for. Last week I needed to use Epsom Salt a few evenings before bed because my muscles were sore again like they were from month one. Dr. Teals is my favorite brand and I love the one with lavender in it. In fact, I love all things lavender. The bath and body works stuff that is featured is something that I swear by each night. I simply love it!

My nutrition rocked the first half of the week and fell off over the weekend while I was away at my event for Beachbody in Pittsburgh. We had dinner out a few times and had room service. Trying harder this week! I REALLY want to stay focused these last few weeks of the program so I can get the best results.

A few of my snacks on the way to Pittsburgh - no fast food for this girl! 

I hung the workout calendar up in my workout space and have been enjoying checking off the days as I complete them. I highly recommend this! It’s nice to see your goal and countdown to the finish!

On a side note, my Christmas decorations made their way down to the basement last week which is progress from the upstairs. My husband put them right in my workout area with hopes that it would motivate me to put it away. I spent most of the week simply ignoring them and pressing play. I love putting up decorations but HATE putting them away!

While at the Beachbody event on Friday I got to learn about the 21 day fix extreme that is coming out on February 2nd and even got to do one of the workouts. I am excited because I will just be finishing up Max 30 at that point and will be conditioned enough to jump right into the Fix Extreme. If you have done the 21 fix or are already in great shape, you won’t want to miss trying this new program! What I am most excited about with it is the focused nutrition that will come along with it as well as the fact that every single one of the works will incorporate weights. Since Max 30 has only used my body as weight it will be nice to get back to “lifting” something.

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