Monday, October 20, 2014

Transformation Tuesday - Round 1 - 21 Day Fix

Transformation Tuesday - Meet Crisinda

Today I am so excited to share with you one of my challengers round 1 results! Crisinda has just completed her first round of the 21- day fix. I want to first share with you how long it took for me to talk her into giving this a chance. She and I went back and forth a lot this summer talking about this but she was already committed to a different product and was a bit unsure about Shakeology and the program in itself. She finally decided to give this a try just a month ago and literally just a few days into this program she called to tell me how fantastic she was feeling and could not believe what Shakeology was going for her colitis. In particular this is why I wanted to share her story with you. Yes, she already looks fantastic and IS seeing results but I think it is amazing to hear what clean eating and Shakeology did for her digestive health in just 21 days! Pretty fantastic and such a relief for her. I wanted those who might be having similar health issues to know that this a potential option for some relief! She is not the first person I have worked with that has had this type of relief.

What made Crisinda’s journey thus far so awesome was that she LOVED every minute of it. I was getting happy messages all the time! She was active in our challenge group and took her journey by the horns and has owned what she wants to accomplish. She knows that there is no magic pill- the secret is hard work, determination and a commitment to what she wants to achieve. Because of this mindset I know she will not only transform her own life but also her families along the way!

I asked her to write a little note about her journey so far and here is what she wanted me to share with everyone:

“As I look at my body over the past 4 weeks I am so amazed of the changes!! I so wish I would of started months and months ago with this program. I have tried a few other programs and my belly just couldn't handle the shakes as a person who has colitis. I was very nervous to start this program but I thought you know what just try it and see what happens. Well it so turned out that my system loves the very healthy eating and the shakes too!!! All the bloating is completely gone and all my other issues have also cleared up!!!! I have never felt this great in years!!! My results are obvious and my determination and attitude are at full force to get the results I want!”

Crinsinda – Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you feel proud of your accomplishments! I could not be happier for you!

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