Friday, October 24, 2014

Chicken Pineapple Salsa Stir Fry

Chicken Pineapple Salsa Stir Fry 

2 large boneless skinless chicken breasts – fat trimmed
3 garlic cloves minced
12 oz of fresh medium salsa
1 can of diced pineapples drained (fresh would be great too but I was low on time when I made this recipe and had some canned pineapple on hand. Typically I would always pick fresh over canned but in a pinch this was easier).
Brown rice

Cut chicken into bite size pieces and place into a large skillet to brown
After chicken begins to turn white add in minced garlic and salt and pepper to taste. In a separate pan cook brown rice according to package, I made 2 servings of the rice for this recipe.
After chicken has cooked the whole way thru then add in diced pineapple and the 12 oz of fresh salsa
Cover and let this simmer together for 5 – 8 minutes.
Next add in the cooked rice – mix ingredients together and allow it to “marinate” for a few minutes before serving.

Serves 3 – 4 depending on portion size

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