Monday, July 6, 2015

Taste Of The Tropics

Tropical Strawberry Mango Banana Shakeology 

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Vegan Tropical Strawberry has quickly become my favorite Shakeology flavor. At first it made me timid, I was worried about what vegan might taste like but I sure had been missing out! It's amazing! Try this tropical treat if you are looking for something fruity! 

10 ounces of water
10 ounces of ice
4 ounces of coconut almond milk 
1/2 ripe banana 
6 strawberries (frozen) if you like it creamy 
1/4 cup frozen mango 
1 scoop of vegan tropical strawberry shakeology 

Combine water, ice and almond milk 
Pour into blender 
Add in fruit and shakeology 
Blend for 1 minute 
*Depending on your blender type you may need to stop 30 seconds in and stir everything before blending again for another 30 seconds

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