Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Year- New You Healthy Lifestyle Support Group

After putting some though into when I wanted to have my December healthy lifestyle support group kick off, I decided that it was going to be best to wait until AFTER the Christmas holiday occurred. My rationale was that it is hard to change your lifestyle no matter what month of the year it is, but it seems that December makes it even harder because of all the gathering with family and not so healthy foods that we tend to enjoy. Therefore, we are going to kick off the group on Monday December 29, 2014. Putting you about a week ahead of all the New Years Resolutions that are going to be set. We will start what is called “pre-season” that Monday and will start your workout programs the following Monday January 5th. During the pre-season week we will come up with a plan to get you on track and start taking deliberate measures to put your new lifestyle into play.

Often I get asked what exactly do you do in an accountability group? The answer is that I guide you thru a health and fitness program and teach you how to create a better healthier lifestyle for yourself. I hold you accountable and help you to keep with this even when you may not always feel like it. Sometimes all we need is someone to take us by the hand and walk us thru things. I have worked with women and men in all different professions and it seems that regardless of your education, income level or even fitness level sometimes we all just need someone else to care about your health other than yourself. Let me be that person. Let me motivate you and put you in contact with others who are working at the same goal.

The group will run for 30 days. In it you will receive daily motivation, recipes, shakeology recipe tips as well as fitness and clean eating tricks. After the 30 days are up, you can decide if you want to continue on your journey with me, or if you are ready to conquer this lifestyle on your own. I am here for you as long as you need me.

Please contact me today if you would like to be considered for a spot in the New Year -New You Healthy Lifestyle Accountability Group. Fill out the application below and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

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