Sunday, December 21, 2014

Insanity Max 30 - Week 2 In Review

Insanity Max 30- Week 2 In Review

Well week 2 is in the books and I am starting to love the program even more than I had anticipated. My reason being is that it is challenging but in a fun way, like I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I am finding that my max out times are getting better and better. Aside from building more endurance I have also lost 4 lbs. I am not doing this program to lose any weight because I am happy with what I already weigh, but the weight seems to be melting off. I was 120 lbs when we started and am at 116 right now. Its funny how weight can look different. I look back and look at pictures of myself right before I got pregnant with Carter and I weighted 105 lbs right when I got pregnant. I look at those pictures and I do look thin but not really any different than I do now. Maybe a flatter stomach but that’s really it.  I have always been naturally thin thanks to genetics. I ate whatever I wanted and aside from being a swimmer in high school I didn’t really workout. Now I look at how hard I am working and my weight and I realize that I am a “fit” weight. I have so much more muscle than I did back then and don’t think that weighting what I used to weight is a reasonable goal. I eat too much and exercise to hard to get down to that weight, nor do I even want to. Being skinny is not my goal; being fit is.

I have also started to notice a difference in my upper and middle abs. They are starting to feel stronger and I am enjoying doing the extra 10 -minute ab attack that comes with the program. My upper abs have already been strong thanks to the other programs. My lower abs are still a different story. However, I think that is going to change after a few more weeks with Insanity Max 30. There is SO much lower ab focus and I love it!

I found that I did a great job with my nutrition last week but struggled with the workouts. I am a morning exerciser but my husband is an evening exerciser. I have mostly agreed to compromise and workout with him in the evenings but last week we seemed to be on separate pages. I also found myself two days behind because of sleeping in or falling asleep before I got my workout in for the evening. I hate being off on my dates that the workout calendar has scheduled for me, so I put time in this past weekend and made up for the days that I had missed earlier this week so that I could be back on track today. 

The key to my nutrition success last week was my planning and preparation that I had done in advance. It helped keep me on track. We enjoyed some fabulous dinners last week, but my favorite was the steak with brown rice and I roasted cauliflower. DELICIOUS! I also came up with a new snack idea. I was craving carbs like crazy last week so I enjoyed a whole grain English Muffin with cashew butter and a few chocolate chips. Really hit the spot!

Last week I also hit the E&E pretty hard. E&E is a pre- workout formula that you can drink before or during your workouts. It gives you a little bit of extra umph to get thru your workouts and wake you up! I swear by it and I am using it every day now for the workouts. Ended up finishing up a tub of it last week. (Not all in one week though ;) Thank goodness for the delivery of a new tub on Friday!

With the chaos of finishing Christmas shopping, hosting a family gathering on Sunday and preparing for being away for the holidays, I didn’t officially “meal plan” for this week. I did however plan out my dinners for the first few days of the week while I am home. I will also be packing with me for the visit lots of healthy snacks and things that travel well.

Excited to start week three! Time sure flies when you are having fun!! Happy Holidays to all of you!

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