Monday, September 22, 2014

Introducing P90 - Yes it really is for you!

P90 – Yes it really is for you!

I don’t know about you, but I usually associate any P90x workout with a good ass kicking! I am a product of x3 and loved the workouts and the 30 minutes of it but I will say it was intimidating and I was not ready for it until after I had begun my fitness journey. Tony Horton knows how to transform your body and his last decade of programs is proof of the matter. I have exciting news for anyone who wants to give it a try but does not want the intensity of the X – today launches P90. This is a 90-day total body transformation requiring only a very short amount of your time per day. While the workouts are a bit less intense they still promise the typical P90x results! The exciting part is that it is for ANYONE at ANY fitness level.

Check out this video to see if it is something for you 

I will be taking applicants to be in the P90 test group. Please email me if this is a program that you think would be right for you.

 I will help guide you thru 90 days of your new life transformation while teaching you the essentials of clean healthy eating.

There is strength in numbers. Let me connect you with those who have the same goals and desire to live better!

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