Monday, January 25, 2016

Cafe Latte Shakeology Review

It's HERE and it's AMAZING!

I waited patiently for the arrival of this yummy flavor for months now. I knew Cafe Latte was going to be my thing because I LOVE coffee. What I typically do some days is mix coffee with my Shakeology instead of using water just for some extra flavor when I make my chocolate Shakeology now I don't have to do that anymore.

Many have asked me what is so special about Cafe Latte and how much more caffeine does it have in it than regular coffee. Well here is the deal,  everyone's heard of the coffee bean, but how many are aware that the red, fleshy fruit that surrounds it is actually a powerful superfood? Café Latte Shakeology now includes Whole Coffee Fruit, an incredible superfood, and has a rich, aromatic café latte flavor. By using the whole fruit, it lowers its carbon footprint while delivering the delightful refreshment found in a cafe cup of joe. It has all the exotic superfood ingredients necessary to deliver a daily dose of dense nutrition. Shakeology is nutrition simplified. It can help to increase healthy energy, reduce cravings, support weight loss, and improve digestion and regularity. 

So far I have tried it two different ways. I mixed it with water and caramel extract the first day and today I mixed it with a banana and some vanilla extra. I like how versatile the flavor is! Another bonus is that after I drank it I didn't have the "coffee" smell in my mouth after like I typically do when I drink regular coffee. 

Anxious to use this to help keep me out of the drive thru at Starbucks. I still tend to love to swing in for a tall pike place with cream. Some habits are hard to get rid of. Hoping this helps! To all of my coffee drinkers be sure to reach out to me if you would like to try this new flavor! 

Good to the last drop!

Click here to order yourself some of this new flavor and stay tuned for more recipes to come!  

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