Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Homemade Broccoli Cheese Soup

Clean Broccoli Cheese Soup

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3 cups of organic chicken broth 
8 cups of steamed organic broccoli 
1 tablespoon of organic unsalted butter
1 cup of organic milk or half and half 
1 tablespoon of whole wheat flour ( or white if you prefer) 
3 cups of cheddar cheese 
Black pepper and Himalayan Pink salt to taste 

Combine chicken broth and milk heat until bubbly 
Add in flour - stir to thicken 
Season with butter, salt and pepper 
Add in broccoli
Using a food processor or emersion blender process broccoli until chopped into very small pieces 
Add in the three cups of cheese - combine into mixture until melted 
Serve and garnish with a sprinkle more of cheese 

Makes about 6 cups of soup. 

21 day fix container breakdown
Serve it in a green - count it as a blue, yellow and green 

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