Monday, January 25, 2016

Sorry For What I Said When I Was New...

Common Mistakes New Recruits Make

As I near my two year anniversary I look back on some of the mistakes I made as a new coach. I hate to say this but I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Like not one. I am so sorry for all of the awful posts and invites I put out there when I was just learning the ropes. I thought my job was to promote Beachbody and sell products but I quickly learned that is not how you have success in multi- level marketing. This business is about relationships and helping people. Not just selling them something. People don't need you to sell them something, they need you to help them. Truly with all that you have, you need to help them. When someone picks you to be their coach they are putting the future of their health in your hands. They asked for your help because they need you and they need to trust that you have their best interest at heart. They are not just another sale, they are a life that you are going to help change. 

Here are some of my top tips for new coaches: 

1. Use your social media posts to engage your followers. Share different parts of your life with them not just the new product that you are promoting. 

2. Instead of selling the product - SHARE why you love it and what you love about it. The truth is facts tell but stories sell. No selfies of you kissing your Shakeology cups. (Or whatever else you might be marketing.) 

3. Ever notice how stock ads or promos about your product get VERY FEW LIKES but pictures of your family, kids or milestones get tons more. It's because they don't want to see your random advertisements in their newsfeed. They want to see YOU and your life. STOP trying to sell. It's yucky and nobody likes it. 

4. People will be drawn to you and your story. The more you share your story and why are you a coach the more people will be able to relate to you and want to join you. 

5. Offer value to your followers on social media. Give daily motivation, tips, recipes, tricks. Whatever you can but give them a reason to follow you not just to hear random testimonials about your product. If you can do this they are less likely to click unfollow or block you. 

6. Invest in personal development trainings and do it daily. Podcasts, readings, trainings whatever it is. You need to grow to get good at this business and the only way you can do that is to do personal development.

7. Treat this like an internship - assume you have a TON to learn. Look to your upline for advice, support and critical feedback. They went before you and they know what they are doing. Ask for the help. Plan to be here for ONE FULL YEAR before you make any choices if the business is right for you. I told myself from day one, be here in a year, be here in a year, be here in a year. Guess what, if you do things the right way chances are after that first year, you aren't going anywhere.

8. Stop sending people your links to your website before you bother to get to know them. Sorry to burst your bubble but people don't just buy from your link without interaction and engagement. Get rid of it. Don't put it in your posts, don't randomly send the link in your messages. Give it when they ask for it and when they are ready to work with you. Not a minute before then.

9. Believe in yourself before anyone else does. If you want to be successful in this business then you are going to have to believe that you can make a life for yourself out of this. Trust me when I say this, there will be doubters and haters and lots of people telling you this won't work. Prove them wrong. Every last one of them. Realize that you are capable of greatness if you are willing to work for it.

10. Go back to #9 - see my last line. You have to work for this and you have to work harder than everyone else around you. You must be relentless in learning the business and do it well. I didn't get into the top 200 out of 400,000 other Beachbody coaches by sitting back and taking a few selfies each day. I worked my ass of while balancing a full time job, grad school, motherhood, married life and the demands of running a household. If I can do it anybody else can too. But you see I did something different than most, I refused to quit even when it got hard. I focused on learning as much as I could and then once I got that down, I focused on teaching my team everything I learned along the way.

I wish you the best of luck. Get some thick skin. Get ready to have others question what your doing. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Decide you are willing to work for this.  I am here standing on the other side telling you this business is amazing. It will change every bit of your life for the better. You will not be the same person you were when you began your journey. But it will take hours and hours of hard work. It will require to live your life out loud on social media. It isn't for the weak of heart but it certainly rewards those who are up for the challenge.

If you are interested in joining my team please fill out the application below. Allow me to help you learn from my own mistakes I made as a new coach. Let me train you to run your business the correct way and help you duplicate my success that I have had. After I got the hang of this, I quickly learned that my degree as a business teacher combined with my masters in leadership makes for one hell of a Beachbody coach. I hope you will consider being my next student!

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