Tuesday, November 17, 2015

When Life Looks A Little Different Than You Could Have Planned

Redefining My Own Success 

Success. This is a word I have thought about all of my life. In fact it is a word I have spent most of my life chasing. I was always one who wanted to please others but I also always wanted to win. I wanted to be the best at whatever I did. I had not time for second place or mediocracy. Most of the time I was able to do just that. I put my mind to it and with some hard work and determination I pulled it off. In high school it was swimming that I set my focus on. I wanted to be the fastest in the pool. While I wasn't always the best, I trained like I was. When it came time for college I put my mind to three things. Marrying my high school sweetheart so we could have our happily ever after, graduating with honors in college and landing a teaching job in a good district as soon as I graduated. 
Proud to be wearing all of my earned honors on graduation day from IUP! 
Hard work paid off again. I graduated in 2009 magna cum laude with a teaching degree in Business Education. I was certified to teach grades K-12. I graduated in May, landed a teaching job in a very affluent district by the second week of June, married my high school sweetheart in July, moved into a new house in August and began my happily every after that September. Life was great. It felt good to accomplish all of those big things I had spent so many years dreaming about and working towards.

During our first two years of being married, we enjoyed our little family of two. Then in April of 2011 we set our goals on building a new house and starting a family to raise in that dream home we were building. We decided we would try for a little one that summer when I was on vacation from teaching.  Well as luck would have it I was pregnant by May. We closed on our dream home in October and welcomed our son Carter that February. My pregnancy was perfect. It happened right away, I wasn't sick, he was healthy and best of all my labor and delivery was only 2 hours long. We were blessed beyond words. Life really couldn't have been better. 
Opening the door for the first time before he carried me thru the door for good luck 
The very best day of our life! 
Closing week when we moved into our house we built

After having my son I went back to teaching after my maternity leave and I found myself struggling to keep up with it all. I was taking graduate classes to get my masters degree in Educational Leadership to be a principal, we had no family or help in the town that we live in and to make matters even more difficult my husband was still driving his 2 hour commute to work every day. It left me with a lot on my shoulders and on my plate. Getting myself to work by 7:30 am each day felt like I had ran a marathon before my day even started. My daily to do list was jam packed with things I needed to do to serve others but none of those things were serving myself. I was running on E and my own wellness was starting to take a back seat.

When my son turned two I decided enough was enough. I was sick of feeling exhausted all the time, I was sick of not making myself a priority and things needed to change. I didn't want him to grow up with a mom who was dead tired living off of coffee and junk food. I reached out to one of my college friends who was a Beachbody coach and decided to try the 21 day fix. It has just come out at the time and it seemed to be just want I needed to get myself back. I really wasn't chasing a big weight loss transformation. I just wanted to feel better. Well it turned out it was just what I needed. I lost the little bit of baby weight I had left, I learned how to eat clean and I learned how to make myself and exercise a priority.  The best part was that it only took me 21 days to do that. I was a walking ad for Beachbody, I kept telling everyone what I was doing and how cool it was. Then when my coach realized I was doing that she immediately suggested I be a coach too. I thought she was crazy. I could never put myself out there on social media all the time and I surely didn't have time for it. Or so I thought. But after lots of thinking and doing a bit of homework on the business opportunity I decided why not. If I could help others feel as great as I was feeling then surely it would be worth my time.

I never went into this with intentions of making a career out of it. I loved teaching, I had NO desire to do anything else. But the longer I stayed with it and the more I learned about the opportunity the bigger chunk of my heart it started to take up. When I went into this, I didn't realize how perfect I would be for it. It combines all that I love. I get to teach others how to live healthier in my challenge groups and on the flip side I get teach those who sign up to be coaches how to run a business. I also get to use my leadership skills and lead my team. While it might look unconventional doing what I do as a coach. I am still staying true to my passion of teaching business to others. My classroom looks different now, but at the root of all of this, I think that is why I have been so successful. Sometimes it's as if your passion chooses you. Mine seems to have. 

Because of this opportunity I have been able to travel to another country, attend several corporate events, speak at a corporate sponsored event and form friendships I never knew I was missing. I have been lucky enough to match my teaching salary while coaching on the side. I work evenings from 8-11 pm.  I have put in work each day now for the last 21 months and here I stand now ranked 164 out of 350,000+ coaches in the network. It wasn't easy and it took a ton of hard work but I loved what I was doing so it never really seemed like work to me. I saw the potential that this had for my family and decided to start to chase the opportunity rather than let it pass me by.

Just call me a "goal crusher"
The culture that comes along with working for Beachbody is second to none. They are the most positive inspiring people you will ever meet. This network of coaches is filled with the dreamers and the doers. I have watched countless leaders ahead of me retire before 30 with six figure incomes and leave behind very respectable careers. All because this opportunity was able to change their world in ways you could only dream of. While Beacbody does not guarantee any level of income, they do give you all the training and tools to take your business to a level that has the power to change your world.

If you would have asked me in college if working for Beachbody was something that might make you successful I would have told you no and that I was not at all interested. I also would have painted a different picture of what success looked like to me. That picture did not involve me doing this. Not in the least bit. But you know what, sometimes opportunities were put in your lap for a reason and it's up to you to say why the heck not me? You have nothing to lose and literally everything to gain. While this opportunity isn't for everyone it sure has worked for me. I am so glad I decided to see where it could take me. Thanks to Beachbody my family is on our way to complete financial freedom all before I even turn the ripe old age of 30. Yep that's right, pretty mind blowing huh. That is something most will work the rest of their life to accomplish and I am going to do it in a few short years. I never could have dreamed this would look the way it does for me, but you know what it's a pretty good gig. 

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