Monday, August 11, 2014

Yes I am Pointing At You

Yes I am Pointing at You

If you are reading this, my picture caught your eye enough to bring you to my blog. That is a good step one. Here is the deal- I want to help you. But I only want to help those who want to be helped. I am looking for men and women who are sick and tired of feeling the way that they do. Those who want to live a better lifestyle but are not doing it for themselves. I want to teach you how to do this. Let me teach you how to make 30 minutes a day for yourself to exercise and make time to eat well. I know you are busy, we all are but if you don’t make the time to be healthy now you will later find you have to make time for sickness. You owe this to yourself and your family.

Those who have hit their breaking point are the ones who see the best results- WHY you ask – because they want to change their live and they want it BAD. I am going to be really honest in order to get thru any of these programs you have to have a WHY and it needs to be pretty big. Those who have it make it and lose the weight those that don’t fall off the wagon.

So here is the deal – I am willing to mentor 5 more people in my upcoming challenge group that starts next Monday. If you are ready and I mean really ready then email me or message me today and we will get you into the group.

We start on Monday August 18th – if you stick with me I could have you living a better lifestyle and weighing around 10 lbs lighter 30 days from now. What do you have to lose? Join me.

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