Monday, August 11, 2014

Transformation Tuesday - Meet Amanda

Meet Amanda - Mom, Wife, Doctor, Runner - Super Woman 

Today I would like to feature Amanda. She is someone who I have been working with since early this summer. Amanda was introduced to me thru one of my other challengers and we have been working together ever since. The funny part about this business is I have never met Amanda but I could tell you all of her struggles, successes and a bit about her because of her involvement in my recent challenge group. I hope that sometime soon we can meet up and toast to her accomplishments but in the mean time I wanted to give her a special shout out and cheer her on. I hope that this will inspire many of you to start your journey no matter where you are in your life, no matter how many pounds you have to lose or how many babies you have at home. She is living proof that you CAN do it!

When I asked her to write me a little story about her journey here is what she told me:
 "I have always been active in life.  I have run 5 half marathons and love trail running.  I also do outdoor boot camps.  But I never could lose all the weight after having my second baby.  I tried weight watchers, Atkins, no sugar diet and nothing worked.  When I found out I was pregnant with my third son at 38, I was very afraid I would hang onto even more weight after this pregnancy (metabolism does drop as you age!).  And being a working mom with three kids... I knew I wouldn't have enough time to do a lot. My friend was doing 21 day fix and loved it so I thought I would try.  My weight loss post pregnancy had stalled despite trying to eat healthy and exercising.  I started at 170 lbs.  I have done 2 rounds of the fix and lost 16 lbs so far and countless inches around my waist /hips.  All my clothes fit now!  And I wore a bikini at the beach for the first time in 8 years (4 months after having my third baby!). More than that-- I feel great and have tons of energy.  I feel in control and I am never hungry.  I recently went on vacation for a week and maintained my weight loss :).  My goal is to lose 5-10 more lbs and tone my stomach area more.  Honestly-- I plan to eat this way for life.

"She is just as busy as the rest of you, but she MAKES the time for what she knows her body needs and what she wants for herself." 

Keep up the fantastic work Amanda!!! You have made me so proud and I cannot wait to see your final afters!!! 

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