Sunday, August 10, 2014

Getting Back on Track After A Vacation

What To Do When The Wheels Fall Off The Wagon 

Well I wish I could say I am returning home from my vacation and am still on track with my goals and healthy lifestyle but I will be completely honest. The wheels fell off the wagon and they fell off in a bad way. I suppose I shall confess now and let it all out there…

The trip started out great- we were packed and prepared. I packed all of my workout clothes, some healthy things that I knew we could not buy at the beach my Shakeology, and best of all a healthy picnic to eat on the way to the beach. We planned to stop at a park to let our son play while we picnicked on a healthy lunch rather than junk drive thru foods. It was a win win in my eyes. That did happen and it was really great.

Now lets talk more – as we passed Harrisburg I realized OH NO…. I forgot my workout DVD’s that I had planned to use while we were there. Step number 1 in the WRONG direction. Of all things to forget this is not something I wanted to not have with me.  I am not a runner otherwise that could have been my backup plan.

When we got there we were greeted by my family and were staying in a fantastic condo with a perfect ocean view, all the makings for a great vacation. At this point I should probably tell you more about my dad who was along with us.  He loves snacks; every kind you can think of he loves them and always has way too much on hand. To make matters worse he insists that you try some of this and here have that.  It is usually a type of chip or dip or candy, a healthy eating nightmare. He does it with a kind heart and means well by it so he is hard to say no to. I knew this going into this trip so that’s why I packed my own stuff. But my will power began to fade by day 2. I spent the trip snacking with the best of them. Chips, dip, pizza, fries, subs from our favorite sub place, boardwalk treats. You name it we ate it. In the moment it tasted great but if you practice clean eating you know that those foods will make you sick if you are not used to them, and that it did.

One of the many snacks

"Snacking, what we did best at the beach this week. At least I had a salad if you can see it in the picture." 

Carter with is snack of choice for the week - Organic Animal Crackers 

All of my snacking and lack of exercise left me tired, bloated and rather grumpy and mad at myself for not sticking to the plan I had for myself. The good news is that everyone gets a new week to start back over. This week is my week. Today I meal planned, found some new fun recipes and grocery shopped. Emptied out the pantry of anything that might get in my way and am ready to get back on track this week. If feels good! I have decided I am going to do a round of the 21 day fix. It is my favorite and has given me the best results out of all of my programs that I have. If you are feeling like I was after my vacation contact me and I will help get you back on track! All it takes is some planning, support and the right mindset! 

"Some of my healthy foods from the store this morning"

"Ready for a great week"

Lesson learned – vacations are so much fun but also oh so hard to stick to your “lifestyle” unless you are really prepared! Kudos to those of you who are able to stick to things while you are vacationing! Next year I will do better. But at least we had a great time and made many fun family memories!! 

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