Monday, June 23, 2014

Working Out - Make It A Family Event!

Fun Family Times 

While it is nice to get a workout in by yourself and escape for some peace and quiet from our crazy lives, I learned this weekend it’s also so much fun to workout with your loved ones! My mom came for a visit Saturday night and I put her thru the ringer working out. She has been doing “Slim in Six” for many weeks now and mentioned she wanted to change things up. I have many of the different Beachbody workouts now so I wanted to get her exposed to many of them in a short amount of time. She kept calling it Beachbody Bootcamp. She survived and did a great job. In 48 hours she did 3 21 day fix workouts, 1 p90X3 workout and also 1 body pump workout. Not bad right? This morning during our pilates routine we allowed my little one to workout with us. Needless to say it was a bit chaotic with him climbing all over us. We did get a lot of laughs in though and I think he may have learned a few more poses. The picture collage illustrates some of the craziness! Can any of you relate?

I also would recommend working out with your spouse when you can. My husband and I have crazy busy lives and date nights rarely happen now that we have a two year old. When he did the 21 day fix with me we worked out together at 4:30 am each day and I won’t lie it was almost like a date. We looked forward to our morning time together before the crazy day started. This was also very helpful for me when I was trying to stay on such a strict meal schedule during the fix because he was going thru same thing with me. I wasn't making seperate meals or struggling by myself. We were it in together! It was good for our marriage to be working towards a goal together. It also made waking up at 4:30 am a little bit more fun!

The moral of the story is – yes make time to workout by yourself so you can find some peace to the chaos but also allow others to join you when you can. You will enjoy it more than you could have guessed!

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