Friday, February 5, 2016

A Letter To The Mom I Used To Be

What I Wish I Would Have Known...

This weekend my son celebrated his 4th birthday. While it is a huge celebration, it is also an anniversary for me. I should explain... two years ago on the night of his birthday party after all the cleaning up and excitement, I lay in bed thinking about how much I needed to change my lifestyle. I was a new mom on the verge of exhaustion. I saw a Facebook ad about the 21 day fix. I was sort of intrigued. I laid in bed that night for almost two hours researching and trying to see if I could ever do a program like that. After lots of time checking it out, I decided I needed to have it and that is where all of "THIS" began. 

Today in celebration of that anniversary I thought I would write a letter to me - or maybe to you if your anything like the mom that I was at that time. As you read this maybe you too can relate to how I was feeling. 
Goodness does time every fly by fast. This feels like yesterday. 

Hey Beautiful Momma,

Your amazing, you know that? I know you don't think that, but you are. Look at all you do. Your balancing a full time teaching job, your taking grad classes, running a home all while trying to be a good wife and mom to that sweet little boy of yours. I know you feel like you are drowning and every day feels like a marathon before it even starts. You keep it together well. I am certain nobody knows how overwhelmed you are. I get it. I know your exhausted and that to - do list you make every morning has nothing on that involves taking care of YOU. You do a beautiful job of putting everyone else first, but it's really time you stop that. Being supermom does not mean you have to let yourself and your life go. There is a different way. 

Let's talk about the fact that since you had that baby you have not exercised or really bothered to eat all that well. I know your trying but your excuses are getting the best of you. Your tired and you feel like your going to be carrying around those last few pounds of baby weight forever. I hate to break it to you, but you will be if you don't step up to the plate and make a change.  I see you covering it with your arm when you sit down and I know it bothers you when you feel it. After two years it's not baby weight anymore. It's fluff and its from all of those lattes you keep drinking each day from Starbucks. 

Stop doing that by the way. It's like liquid diabetes and you really don't need the early on set of that already. Plus it's costing you a fortune and I know you think it's waking you up and giving you energy but it totally isn't. It's giving you a sugar rush. That's why you feel sleepy again around 10:00 am. 

I know your sitting up late right now scowling the internet to learn more about that Beachbody program that is coming out. 21 days to change your habits, 30 minutes of workouts a day, portions for your foods and a coach to keep you accountable. I know it sounds it's too good to be true. I bet that's why your still up late looking everywhere to find more information. I know your worried about what it's going to cost and I know your terrified to try that Shakeology drink you keep seeing people talk about. I know you want to do this but your afraid it's a waste of your money. 

Guess what girl - it's going to be the best $140.00 you have ever spent. That program your debating is going to work and believe it or not, in less than a month from now, your going to be a new woman. Your going to learn that even though that to-do list of yours has a million and one things on it, your going to find room for one more daily to - do. Your going to have to get your butt out of bed early for those workouts, but your also going to learn to love that peace and quiet that comes along with your 4:30 am wake up call. Your going to have to sweat and your going to have to get uncomfortable. Change is tough, but your tougher. 

Your going to learn not just how to eat better, but your going to turn your families nutrition habits around too. Your hubby isn't going to like it at first but give him time. He's going to come around and buy in. That toddler of yours is going to learn to eat healthy right along with you. In a few short months he is going to be a lot less picky. Feed him what your having each night. Don't cave he will eat it. He will grow up eating clean organic home cooked meals and actually hates mac and cheese and won't even know what a chicken nugget is.  I know you don't believe me yet just have some faith. 

That Shakeology your afraid of - yeah I know that is what's holding you back the most. Your worried about the taste because you have never once in your life had a meal replacement before or ever even thought of trying one. Get over your fear - you don't know this yet but your going to love it. So much so that you actually won't miss a day in over two years. It's going to help prevent you from getting all of those colds you usually catch from your students. Sorry to have to be the one to give you the bad news, but it's not going to taste that great the first few times you try to make it. That's because your actually not making it right. Blend that thing - don't just add water. Use some fresh fruits and extracts. Get some fun recipes and ask your coach for some tips. After you get over that hurdle your golden. I know you told yourself that you would only use it for the challenge but girl your going to surprise yourself. 

I am going to tell you something else that you couldn't have ever seen coming. In a few short months not only are you going to be a new women, your going to feel so great that you are going to want to pay it forward to others. I know your not looking for one more thing to add to your list but this little life change your making is actually a bigger change than you think. Your going to become a coach and it's going to change your entire world. You will be fitter, healthier, happier and even a bit more wealthier. Your going to form some killer friendships and your going to find what your true passion is in life. Trust me, you got this. Keep your eyes wide open and just go for it. 

And by the way - just a few more things. Stop stressing about that muffin top. It will go away eventually. (It's actually going to be the last thing that will go away, but it WILL GO AWAY.) But you should really stop worrying about that muffin top. It means you are part of a club that many women would kill to be in. That belly carried a life and it blessed you with one heck of a miracle. You did a good job and moms don't really need abs anyways. 

And lastly - slow down. Stop rushing, stop running and stop wishing things away. Stop longing for the day when he sleeps thru the night or doesn't need fed by you or stops making messes on the floor. You don't know this yet, but your going to struggle a lot trying to have another. I wish I could use my glass ball to tell you the other one is on the way, but my ball can't see that far ahead yet. What I can tell you it's going to test your faith and be harder than you ever thought it would be. I can tell you that you need to take it all in and treat this one like he is your only one, because he might actually be your only one so soak up every minute. He won't be little for long. Your heart is going to ache for these days and memories.

So stop waiting - order your damn challenge pack your on the fence about. It's not the first time you spent a lot of money on something and it won't be the last. That $140.00 dollars will be the best investment you ever made. Your worth it. 

You got this girl! Good luck!
The older and wiser version of yourself 

If this letter spoke to you and you feel like it's "YOUR TURN" fill out the application below. I will be in touch. We start our next challenge group soon. It's time for you to stop watching and to be all in. 

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