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Overeating On Healthy Foods - Yep It's Possible

21 Day Fix - How Six Tiny Little Containers Helped Me Finally Lose My Baby Weight 

Today I want to get real with you about what the 21 day fix did for me aside from just helping me lose weight and learn to love exercise. It helped me to learn what a correct portion of food should look like. Let me start from the beginning. I was not a terrible eater before, but what I was terrible at was portion control. I used to eat healthy but WAY too much of those healthy foods and sometimes way too much of unhealthy foods too. ;) For example in a day I would sometimes have four different servings of fruit. While it was great that I was eating "healthy foods," I was eating too much of it. I couldn't figure out why I was not able to drop my baby weight. Once I started the 21 day fix, I realized my habits were half the problem. I was lacking in veggie and protein servings and overdoing it on carbs, fruits and healthy fats. While my body was getting nutrients it needed it was not going to be enough to help me "strip down" and lose the weight. When you get down to those last 5 or 10 lbs it takes some serious effort and focus and that was what I was needing and missing.

When the challenge pack arrived at my house I remember unboxing everything and thinking "what the hell?" Seriously those containers are so small. I am going to starve for the next 21 days. That was until I learned how much I could stuff into those plastic containers. You see the fix gives you color coded containers and instead of counting calories you count containers. If it fits in it you can have it. There is a formula that you use to determine how many containers you get in a day. It came with a meal plan guide book that told me what I could put in each of the containers. In addition to all of those containers, I also had to drink half of weight in ounces of water a day and commit to doing the 30 minute exercises each day for 21 days.

Here was my breakdown for my body weight:

    4 protein servings (red containers) Shakeology counted as one of my reds! Thank goodness because this was my most difficult container to get in each day. I was glad to have one that was easy to make and tasted great!
    3 vegetable servings (green containers)
    2 fruit servings (purple containers)
    2 carb servings (yellow containers)
    1 healthy fat container (blue)
    1 seeds/ nuts (orange)

My favorite way to get in my red containers - usually my go to breakfast but some days my late afternoon snack before dinner. 
What I learned during my initial round of the fix was that when I ate according to the allotted containers each day, I really wasn't hungry.  I didn't even want the junk food that I used to crave all the time. The first few days I think it was more of a mind game not cheating and going back to my old ways, but after I got the hang of it, it became really easy. On thing I noticed in a big way was that protein was my friend. The more I ate of it, the more lean and fit I looked. Now to this day, I still actually eat according to that plan. While I don't use the containers anymore for my portions, I do still try to make a conscious effort to eat all of my needed containers each day. It wasn't a diet for me rather a lifestyle change. The best part was it was easy to incorporate this into what my family was already eating for dinners. (I only had to tweak a few things) and this allowed me to have a few cheats. I was allowed to trade out a yellow container three times a week for some tortilla chips, chocolate or wine. There were other options for trades but those were the ones I went with and I didn't do it every week just when I thought I needed it. That was nice because I really didn't feel deprived then. Below is an example of what one of my meal plans looked like. As you can see I ate pretty often.

Meal planning was my saving grace - it took me a little to get the hang of it but it really helped me to stay on track. 
It took me two rounds to get the results I was wanting. The first round it got me on track and got rid of the bloat and pounds I wanted to drop. The second round was where I leaned out and toned up and actually started to see muscles pop. I did three rounds before I moved on to a new program but I will say that I used the container system still as I did other programs.

If you think portion control is something you struggle with and think the container system would be helpful for you, I encourage you to consider joining my upcoming challenge group that I have starting on October 19th. You have nothing to lose except the weight you have been carrying around and everything to gain. I promise it was a game changer for me.

Please click here to purchase your 21 day fix challenge pack. Or contact me for more information before getting started.

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