Monday, October 19, 2015

A Difficult Opinion To Change

A Dietician's View On Shakeology 

This business has had many perks for me and one of them has been that it has allowed me to reconnect with friends I had lost touch with. 10 years ago when I graduated high school, I lost touch with some pretty amazing people. Sam was one of those people. Just this summer she reached out to me wondering more about the business opportunity. She saw what it was doing for my life and was curious about what it could do for hers. She was a registered dietician in Philly and was getting ready to move to Florida with her soon to be hubby. She was interested in using this opportunity as a job to help her make income while settling into her new home while she looked for a job. 

We shared a few conversations about the business opportunity, but I also expressed how important it was going to be for her to truly be a product of our products. She was already eating clean, exercising and focusing on her overall health. She didn't need me like some people do when they start their journey. But she realized she wouldn't be a very good coach if she didn't try the programs and products for herself. She agreed with me but was a bit skeptical about Shakeology. That seemed to be the only thing holding her back. She was not so sure it would be beneficial for her since she was already eating so well. I suggested that she give it a try, if she didn't like it, I let her know that it was guaranteed to the bottom of the bag. Meaning that she could return it if she didn't like it. After a bit more talking and lots of homework on her part. She went ahead and started her journey with the 21 day fix extreme.

I was not surprised when she shared with me a few weeks into the challenge how much she was enjoying it and really did find it beneficial. I asked her to share some of her opinions below.
When I first heard about Shakeology I wasn’t interested. It was more than the fact that I would be drinking a meal instead of eating one; it was the cost and all of the promises that went along with it. I just couldn’t believe that a powdered shake could do all of the things that people were saying it did. Being a dietitian definitely didn’t help my skepticism either. I took a few days to look over the label and read up on every single ingredient in Shakeology. I was determined to find a good reason to say no, but I couldn’t so I finally agreed to give it a try.
So to recap, both the macro and micronutrient ratios of Shakeology are fantastic. My hunger and sweet tooth are way more controlled. And breakfast is quick, easy, and cheaper than ever! What’s not to love about Shakeology?

I’ve been drinking it for a few months now and hate to go a day without it. When I first started drinking Shakeology, I immediately noticed a change in my energy level. I no longer needed that morning cup of coffee and I didn’t have that mid afternoon crash either. I drink my shake every morning for breakfast and it holds me over until lunchtime. This is huge for me because before drinking Shakeology I would have at least one snack in between breakfast and lunch and I would still run to my office for lunch because I was so hungry! On top of my big appetite I have a HUGE sweet tooth, which is way more controlled now. I attribute this to the macronutrient ratio. It is the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, and fat plus the chocolate formula provides 6 grams of fiber in each serving. This might not sound like a lot of fiber, but it is nearly 25% of the recommended daily value. Another benefit of Shakeology is the fact that I no longer have to take my daily multivitamin since I get nearly all of the vitamins and minerals that I need from my shakes.

To me this was a big deal, if a registered dietician says it's good, it really is good! (But I already knew that all along ;) )

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