Monday, June 1, 2015

Time To Lean Out - The Stripped Clean Eating Challenge

How Bad Do You Want It? 

My question to you is how much do you want to change? Like a little or a whole hell of a lot. Are you at the point - I call it the tipping point. This is the point where you decide one day you have had ENOUGH. You are sick and tired of feeling the way you do and sick and tired of what you are looking at in the mirror. The moment when you are over how your feeling, that's the moment when you know you are ready and that is the moment what change happens.

I remember my moment - it was the night after my little ones second birthday party. The party had ended I was exhausted. I was laying in our bed beside my sleeping husband and I felt bad about my post baby body. I was sick of being so tired all the time and I was sick of the belly flab my once thin body was carrying around two years after giving birth. I saw my friend advertising about this upcoming 21 day fix program. It was a program that promised up to 15 lbs of weight loss in just 21 days. It was going to teach me about portion control and help me add exercise back into my life. It sounded like a no brainer and I was ready to go all in. My only hesitation was Shakeology. It seemed expensive, I had no prior experience with meal replacements and quite honestly I was terrified I would hate the taste. BUT I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same so I decided I was going to go all in even if it was a risk of the unknown. I ordered the next morning. That's the thing about your tipping point. You don't want to wait anymore and quite honestly I didn't even care what it was going to cost me - I wanted a healthier me.

The rest is history and you know that if you follow me on social media you know that simple decision and small investment was one of the best moves I have ever made not just my life but also for my own health as well as my career. I have spent the last year and a half teaching women how to feel good again and how to be confident in whatever body they have been given. You see to me it's not about being skinny, it's about being healthy and leading my life by example so my son knows what healthy looks like. That's what I am here to teach people - simply how to live better. This is a culture that from the outside looking in seems crazy - trust me I was an outsider until I went all in and I am here to tell you it is a culture you want to be part of. Your life will change for the better 100%. 

So here's the deal on June 22nd I am offering a stripped clean eating challenge. We will be working on stripping out foods from your life that are preventing you from achieving the goals you might have for yourself. We will be doing an exercise program of your choice (super pumped that the 21 day fix and fix extreme are on sale this month) and we will drink Shakeology daily. (I promise, it's a game changer). We will accomplish your goals TOGETHER because when you sign up with me you won't be alone. I will teach you the ropes and show you how to make this lifestyle your habit. I will be incorporating information from the Tosco Reno Clean Eating books as well as The Body Book for additional resources. At the conclusion of the challenge you will also have the option to also do the 3 day refresh to get the best results possible. I will be doing this challenge right along with you because I am ready to lean out and really get rid of any excess I have been holding on to. 

Now, if you are still reading this post it might be a sign you are at your tipping point and it's time to try - seriously what do you have to lose - nothing... NOTHING at ALL!!!!

Please fill out the application below and tell me why you are at your tipping point. Spots are filling up fast, reserve yours now! 

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