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3 Day Refresh Results- I Survived... Sort Of!

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Last July when the 3 Day Refresh came out I ordered it as soon as it was available but I couldn't stomach the first fiber sweep so I ended up giving it to one of my clients to do. I was dissapointed in myself for now following thru but never tried it again. Then shortly after we got home from Mexico my husband decided he wanted to do it and he knocked it out of the park. He lost almost 7 lbs and you could really tell. He made it look easy so I decided I wanted a redo and ordered it.

Lucky for me I recruited many of my friends, clients and coaches to do it with me so I was not alone in the challenge. Trust me you want a buddy so that someone else knows how your feeling! I put my game face on Monday morning. Took me before pictures (realized I needed it more than I thought) and went all in. 
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The day started out with my typical Shakeology and fruit then I had a fiber sweep at 9:00 am and some green tea about an hour later.

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My biggest fear about the refresh!

Lunch was peppers and hummus. Let me just say a pepper never tasted so good that day! I was so excited to eat! In addition to the peppers and hummus I got to have a shake called Vanilla fresh with fruit in it. I was surprised how full I felt after eating the two.

One thing that surprised me and many of the others who did it with me is how MUCH WE HAD TO PEE!!! Sorry TMI I know but it was crazy! Almost every 30 minutes all day long! The other question I get is did it make you have to go to "the bathroom" a lot. The answer is no it's not that kind of cleanse.

After lunch I had a meeting that was catered with subs, soup, cookies, and chips. The struggle was real turning down all of that food. I stuck with water and used all the willpower I had.

detox, 3 day refresh, cleanse, shakeology, top beachbody coach state college, sarah griffith,

Later I had broccoli with coconut oil for an afternoon snack and dinner was another vanilla fresh shake along with 12 (yep only 12) green beans. The same thing seemed to happen after dinner - I was full.

I will say that day one was a bit exhausting as I was in the process of detoxing from caffeine and sugar. I was grumpy, sleepy and my head hurt. (Sounds like a fun huh) ;) My best friend did it with me and over the last 3 days we had many conversations about how we were feeling! It was so helpful to have her do it along with me because I may have quit otherwise.

Day 2 I was still struggling with the headache and fatigue when I woke up so I decided not to workout my body was asking for a break. I was a little more motivated when I woke up because I had already lost 2 lbs.

My morning brought with me more temptations because my first period class had an end of the school year celebration. Lots of breakfast casseroles and sweets but I held my own. I stuck to my Shakeology.

detox, 3 day refresh, cleanse, shakeology, top beachbody coach state college, sarah griffith,

I did great thru out the day but I found myself loosing steam when I got home that day. My advice is to do this when you are super busy so the time passes by faster. When I was making dinner I had to make chicken for my son and I ended up caving and using 8 pieces on my spinach salad I made for myself. It felt good to get some protein in me. I was so mad for cheating but it made me feel 100 times better.

That night I also caved to a handful of my sons Annie's Cheddar Bunnies. Those damn things were screaming at me to eat them. My head was slipping slowing out of the game.

I woke up on day 3 determined to make the day better than the day before and I did. In fact day 3 was much easier than all of the others. I was no longer hungry like I was the day before and my headache was gone! The end of the day brought more temptations since I had to go to Wegman's to buy food for a luncheon I was going to tomorrow and then my son asked for a cake pop from Starbucks. I said yes and didn't get anything for myself. It was the icing on the cake - I was spent so I caved and ate some of the dinner I got for my husband from Wegmans. It tasted amazing and I am was ready to be done.

I woke up this morning feeling amazing! No cravings for a coffee, lots of energy and a loss of 3.5 lbs. I look less bloated which was what I was going for. At my weight and where I am it is very hard to even drop a pound so I am happy with my results. On days 1 and 2 I would have told you this refresh was a bad idea but today I am feeling really glad that I did it.

My best friend who did it along with me lost 3 lbs and also 8 inches. I was sooooo glad to have had her and am so proud of her hard work. 8 inches in 3 days is a really big deal!!!!

Looking back on the last three days I will say I am glad I did it and I will also say it brought a lot of awareness to me about the foods I was putting into my body. I also realized I like to snack more than I realize simply out of bored and this helped me step back from that. I won't sugar coat it and say it's easy because it's not. It was hard but I wanted to prove to myself I did it. It is a great starting point for someone who is trying to regain control of their eating habits and then continue into new ways. It's not a quick fix - after the refresh is over you have to focus on clean eating. If you go thru all of it and just start eating crap again it won't be worth your efforts.

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