Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Transformation Tuesday - 21 day Fix Style

When Life Knocks You Down You Have Two Choices - Lay There Or Get Up And Fight  - Meet Jenn She Chose To Fight 

Meet Jenn - Down 18 lbs and 14 inches 
In this business, I get told "no" a lot when I invite people to my upcoming accountability groups.  I often hear things like the timing is not right or it's just not in the budget. To some that would be frustrating, but to me it just means they were not ready yet. Maybe they never will be but I do not take it personally, I simply keep moving on and offering my help to as many people who could benefit. I am not selective in my inviting process because in my line of work if you were to survey 10 women walking down the street if they were interested in losing a little bit of weight and gaining more energy the answer from around 9 of them is yes. My clients come in all shapes and sizes and are at all different levels when it comes to their fitness. From experience I can tell you everyone just wants to feel good about themselves.

Last summer I had reached out to Jenn and invited her to my upcoming Piyo accountability group. She was expecting and I was looking for some pregnant moms to give me their opinion of the program. She did not tell me no, in fact she seemed very interested but the timing was not right. I did not take it personally. I knew I had something great to offer her and I assured her that I would be here when she was ready. You see there are a lot of us. I think most people chuckle when someone proclaims to the world they are going to be  Beachbody Coach because there are many of us and the truth is many don't make it thru their first year in the business. I knew that was not the plan for me. I am in it for the long haul. I wanted to prove to my people who told me no not right now that I would be there waiting for them when they were ready. So I kept doing my thing.

Sadly that fall Jenn delivered a stillborn daughter Lizzie at 32 weeks. I still remember the morning she posted it on social media. I broke down crying for her and her family. Although I barely knew her I felt connected to her story. I could not imagine the grief she was going thru. I prayed for them and reached out to her and expressed my sympathy. My heart hurt for her.

Then January came around and I got a message from her asking for my help. I wanted nothing more then to help her along the way. She joined my challenge group then and started with the 21 day fix. She has since conquered that and is on to the 21 day fix extreme. She has learned to eat better, she drinks Shakeology daily and has learned what exercise can do to your emotions if you show up everyday.

She has been doing great since she started and out of the blue last week she told me she was ready to start coaching others like I had coached her. She felt like she was ready to pay it forward. (PROUD COACH MOMENT FOR SURE)!!!! To me that was inspiring but what was even more inspiring to me was that she was planning on using the extra income she was going to be making as a Beachbody Coach to start saving for adoption. Talk about a strong WHY. They always tell us as a coach we have to have a WHY. Like why we do this. That in my eyes sure is a motivator. :)

I asked her to share her story with everyone and here is what she wrote:

I started my journey in January to get rid of the baby weight and get back in shape after a vertical c-section. I was also 2 months out from losing my daughter at 32 weeks gestation. I was reaching for something, anything to help me through. I knew I needed to be there for every stage of Craig's life and to be able to carry on Lizzie's memory. I also needed to focus on myself. I contacted Sarah to join the 21 Day Fix challenge group and get this thing called Shakeology. I dove in but there were setbacks. We lost our Aunt to cancer and our Pap all within a week of each other. Through it all, I tried my best to stay on track. I am so proud of how far I have come and it gives me so much motivation to get to my goal! I have more energy and I feel better about myself knowing that I can achieve this. Each day, I have 30 minutes to myself to work out any stress, anger or anything that is weighing on my mind. At the end, I feel like a different person. I also love what Shakeology has done for me! Man do I feel a difference when I don’t drink it. I am a work in progress and you know what, I am proud of that! I don’t ever want to be satisfied with who I have become. I want to always push myself to be better!

Starting chest: 44 Current chest: 41
Starting waist: 44 Current waist: 37
Starting hips: 44 Current hips: 40 Total pound lost: 18 lbs
Total inches lost: 14 inch

Starting weight: 185 Current weight: 167

So there it is - this is her story. She is proof that life will get you down sometimes but at the end of the day it is your job to pick yourself up off the floor and keep moving forward. Jenn I am beyond proud of all that you have accomplished and am excited for those who will get to call you their own coach. Keep up the fight - you inspire the hell outta me!

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