Sunday, February 8, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme - Ready Set Go!


I have been waiting to get started with this program since I learned about it this past fall! Talk about a long time coming! The moment it went on sale I ordered it last week and even paid the extra for 2 day shipping. I SIMPLY COULDN’T WAIT TO GET IT! It arrived last week and I was excited to learn about the differences between this program and the original fix that so many of my challengers start with. I am just doing the extreme eating plan, which is very similar to the regular fix eating plan. There is a countdown to competition plan for eating but since I am not counting down to anything, I am going to start with the regular one first. I think I might give the countdown one a try right before my trip to Mexico that I earned thru Beachbody. We leave in April so I have a little bit of time!

My partner in crime who seemed to not stick with MAX 30 says he’s all in with me for fix extreme.  He was feeling bad about not doing MAX 30 and says he’s really, really, really in this time. Only time will tell but honestly out of all of my challengers I seem to have the hardest time keeping that challenger on track ;) If you know my husband and you see him eating take out or junk food give him hell for me.

My fix extreme challengers are going to start next Monday. They are mostly my original fix graduates who are now in some pretty fantastic shape and are ready to lean out. As the coach I wanted to be a week ahead of them and know what we were getting ourselves into so that is why my husband and I start tomorrow. I know the week of waiting is killing my challengers; they are pumped up and ready to go!

The game plan is to get the workouts in during the morning and do the ab fix 3 out of the 7 days this coming week as I get started. I did my meal plan and got all of my cheats out of the way. We cleared out the pantry from all the temptations and got our grocery list made. I am ready to hit the grocery store later on today! What I know about the fix is that planning and prepping are KEY to being successful. Failure to plan is like planning to fail.

My last cheat.... PSU Creamery Ice Cream. Worth it and at least I used the container for portion control right? 

 I took the entire week off last week to give my body a break after doing 60 days of Insanity Max 30 and to be quite honest, I am DYING to workout! Tonight we will take our before pictures and measurements and get ready to kick some fix extreme butt!

I am looking for 5 people who would be interested in having me teach them how to complete the 21 day fix or the fix extreme with success and support. Please fill out the application below if you would be interested in joining my next accountability group.

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