Sunday, May 25, 2014

Putting In The Garden

This weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day we continued a tradition that I have grown up with. Planting our garden! Since I was small we always had a garden and it wasn’t just a few tomatoes it was a garden that would make a farmer proud. My great grandpa “Pap” loved to garden and would help us put it in each Memorial Day weekend. Growing up I enjoyed it, but didn’t realize it would be something that I insisted on for my family when I grew up. When we got married we put in a big garden at our first place and enjoyed it and also learned our lesson that the bunnies loved the garden and we had to keep them out. Back at home it wasn’t an issue because there was plenty to go around for the bunnies we could afford to spare a few bites. When we built our new house Kevin tried to talk me out of putting one in. Our neighborhood is beautiful and a raised bed garden is a bit of an eye sore. Our first year we just did a few plants but last year I insisted I was not going to let the tradition I grew up with go by the wayside. I wanted my son to grow up with memories of growing beautiful things in the garden. We enjoyed it last year! He loved to pick the tomatoes even when they were not quite ready to pick. Nonetheless we had fun with it.

While we were home visiting my dad this weekend my son got to help put in his monster garden. It was so fun watching him do something that I myself had done in that same place so many years ago.

When we got home today I ventured out to buy my plants. Not only am I excited to be continuing something that was passed down from generations but also I am also excited to be able to be growing healthy organic foods that we can serve up all summer long. This year I went smaller than last – last year I planted enough to have a small farm in my little garden box. I stuck with the basics- tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, spaghetti squash, mint, and basil. One of my favorites is to make homemade spaghetti sauce. This is another family tradition. Tonight after Carter went to bed Kevin and I put everything in and netted up the sides so that the bunnies and dear would stay out. I always make us get a picture together by our masterpiece. Below you will find our traditional selfie.

If you haven’t already put in a garden I encourage you to go out and get some plants or seeds today. It will be a fun summer project and great memories for your children if you have any. There is something about putting food on the table that you grew. Makes you feel really great. Happy Memorial Day everyone! Remember why we celebrate!

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