Thursday, May 29, 2014

June 16th Challenge Group - Getting Your Body Back After The Baby

June 16th Challenge Group – Calling all mommies!! 

To all of the ladies out there who are ready to lose the baby weight the time is now. Having a baby is not an excuse to let your body go it might be a reason why you are not where you want to be but you have the power to change that. For two years I told myself that I just did not have the time or energy to lose the baby weight that I was carrying around. I am a mom, a wife, a teacher and also I was working to finish my principal intership for my masters degree. I REALLY AM BUSY just like the rest of you.  Then this winter I decided that there was no better time than now to get back to where I wanted to be. I decided to do the 21 day fix thru Beachbody. The reason for my interest  in this particular program was that the program focused on nutrition and also exercise. It was 30 minutes a day and also said that you could lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days. The program came with a different workout for each day and also color-coded portion control containers for my goods. The challenge pack that I bought came with Shakeology – this is Beachbody’s meal replacement super drink. To me this was the part I was most nervous about trying. I am not a shake girl and I was worried I would get them and hate the taste. However, I was at the point where I wanted my body back and if it meant drinking a shake them so be it. Surprisingly this was a piece of cake. It tasted great and helped cut out my cravings for junk food. Now since February I drink them EVERY single day and actually love them. Chocolate is my favorite.

Along with the program came a coach and I was put into a challenge group. The group is a private group on Facebook where you will find support and motivation by myself and other challengers who are working to achieve the same thing. This was the missing piece for me and once it was there things really started to click. I found that I loved having someone to check in with each day. It made me less likely to not follow thru or quit on the meal plans.

The fix took a lot of will power, some time management and also some meal prepping but it was amazing how much your body can change in just 21 days. I felt fantastic. Energized, happy and healthy. It actually made me want to be a coach to help others feel the same way. So here I am and I am ready to help you.

Starting on June 16th I am running a small challenge group JUST for women who are looking to lose their baby weight. There will be something special about all having the same goal and also the ability to understand the challenges of motherhood. The group will run for 30 days. We will all do the 21 day fix together. I will help you learn how to practice clean eating. You will also work on meal planning and within 21 days see some results that will change your whole summer. If you end up wanting to go beyond the 30 days you can stick with me and I will help you continue on your journey.

If you are considering this but the voice inside your head is saying – I don’t have time for this or I don’t think I could. Prove yourself wrong. We make time for what we want and if we don’t want it bad enough we make excuses.  If your ready for the change email me and we can get you started.

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