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Grace Elizabeth - Our Rainbow Baby Birth Story

After Every Storm Comes A Rainbow.... 

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It's only fair to share the birth story of our sweet rainbow baby girl with our followers. You followed our journey thru infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy. It's fitting that we share the best part with you all as our way of saying thanks for the support the love and the oodles and oodles of prayers that have been prayed to get her here to us. 

Tuesday May 16th - My scheduled induction date. I was instructed to call at 6:00 am to see if we could come in for the induction. We were ready, excited and anxious about this part. Everyone had a "plan" for that day. We planned out who was watching our son, my hubby was off work, our family was on standby ready to come and visit,  the house was clean, bags were in the car - we were ready. That was until I called and they told me that the night before was super busy and unfortunately they didn't have room that day. Since I was an elected induction, I would have to wait until tomorrow as long as there was room. At first I was crushed. Like lots of tears and a little grumpy that I had to WAIT ANOTHER DAY!!! After accepting the fact that I would have to wait I changed my attitude and reminded myself maybe it was for a reason. 

Some asked why induce? The answer was my recovery. My son came in RECORD time and made me have a terrible recovery because of how uncontrolled it was. My body labored so quickly and they assumed it would do the same again so they thought this was the way to go. 

I went to bed that night knowing that MAY 17th may be the date we got to meet her but it also may not be. I had to prep myself for the possible let down in the morning. 

Wednesday May 17th - I set my alarm for 5:30 am that day. When the alarm went off I spent an entire half an hour praying. For the first 15 minutes I prayed for peace and patience in the event that I was going to be told I had to wait another day. The last 15 minutes I prayed for her safety and mine. I prayed that we could enjoy the moment and that we could see the beauty in today. We waited years for it and I knew it would be such an emotional time. I just wanted to be able to soak it all up. At six am I picked up the phone and called the hospital. Sure enough they said yep we are ready and waiting for you - come on in. I ran thru the house yelling wake up, wake up - it's baby day!! 

My son and husband were so excited!!! We quickly dressed my son and took him to preschool and headed over to the hospital. My hubby was so anxious on the way to the hospital. For some reason I wasn't. I felt a sense of peace over me. I think it must have been all the praying. 
rainbow baby, rainbow baby birth story, birth story, motherhood, sarah griffith, birth after miscarriage,

We got to the hospital and were greeted by the most WONDERFUL nurse. She was so happy and excited to spend the day with us. She will forever be someone special to me now after sharing that day with her. She made us feel welcome and at ease. It was such a different labor experience than the first time around. Nothing was rushed like it was with Carter. 

They admitted me and then checked me. I was 4 cm dilated which I had been in the office on Monday. I was started on pitocin with hopes that it would start active labor patterns. At that point I wasn't sure if I wanted an epidural or not. For some reason I was wanting to try it without one this time. We spent the morning just waiting. I was having some contractions but nothing too crazy. I spent most of the morning bouncing on what they called a peanut ball. My hubby and I watched a lot of morning television and I kept insisting I would have the baby by lunch time. The doctor ended up needing my nurse and had to do a C section, so she assigned me to someone else for a bit and said to sit tight. Around noon they all came back. The doctor checked again and sadly no progress had been made with the pitocin. They asked me to rethink the epidural again. If I wanted it, they suggested I do that first then they were going to break my water. I agreed to just do it and shorty after they came in to administer that to me. I don't know why, but this time around I was really afraid of it. I think because I knew it would hurt. As expected, it did but honestly I am so glad I got it. 

rainbow baby, rainbow baby birth story, birth story, motherhood, sarah griffith, birth after miscarriage,
This was in the room when we arrived. That tiny hat with the bow on it became my focal point for the day. We kept reminding each other someone would soon be wearing that pink bow hat. It helped me keep pushing when I didn't feel like it. 
Once my epidural was in they quickly broke my water and then said to "rest" while I could and that they would be back in two hours. I was like REST? Are you kidding, how can I rest when I know what excitement is coming. Needless to said I "rested" for about 45 minutes before telling Kevin I was progressing and needed a nurse. I was starting to feel a TON of pressure so I knew something was happening. My nurse came back and checked me and was surprised that I had made it to 8 cm in those 45 minutes. She stepped out for a few minutes and while she was gone the pressure got stronger. I had her check me again and was already to 9 cm in those few minutes. She said it was going to be baby time a lot quicker than we thought. The room started to transform very quickly. 

Lights came on, instruments were counted, blue drapes were starting to appear and a team started to arrive. My nurse and Kevin helped coach me thru the pushing. I kept my eyes shut to focus but I could tell by Kevin's expressions she was almost here. The doctor came in just as it was time to push her out. She didn't cry or scream until they suctioned her mouth and it was by far one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. My crying got stronger too once I locked eyes with Kevin. We both felt such a relief that she was here and safe and healthy. There is no words to describe the emotion that hits you when they place that baby on your chest. Kevin got to cut the cord and we got to spend many hours just holding her. They didn't give a bath or anything they just let us enjoy her.

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A few hours later they weighed her and did a physical exam. She was 7 lbs 11 ounces and 21 inches long. She was born at 3:56 pm. Labor was really only an hour and 56 minutes. 

Around 6 pm our family started to roll in to meet her. Carter's reaction was adorable. He came with his present he made for her, flowers for me and also balloons. He loved her the moment he met her. 
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Around 9 pm after everyone left we got to go to our room. We snuggled with her and admired what a miracle she was. Around midnight she got her first bath in the nursery. We tagged along to watch. Before we ended the day, we read the same book to her that we read to Carter - On The Night You Were Born. Just as I did with her brother, I cried as I read the final lines - "Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful marvelous night you were born." I am sure they did baby girl, I am sure they did. 

rainbow baby, rainbow baby birth story, birth story, motherhood, sarah griffith, birth after miscarriage,

Someday, I will tell her how special she is. I will tell her how many people prayed for her and how special my pregnancy with her was. She was a light for others. She gave hope to those longing for a baby and reminded many others how special their own little miracles really are. She is our gift and our reminder that life can only give you so many storms before the rainbow shows up. 

Thank you for loving her and praying for her. 

rainbow baby, rainbow baby birth story, birth story, motherhood, sarah griffith, birth after miscarriage,

The Griffith Family 

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  1. Welcome to our world Grace Elizabeth! Congratulations to Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother Carter!
    Thank you for sharing this story and may God bless your beautiful family always.