Thursday, April 28, 2016

5 Day Gluten / Grain Free Challenge

Wondering How To Go Gluten Free? Let Me Teach You How! 

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This past winter I decided it was going to be a good move to go gluten free. I had several conversations with my doctor and she agreed it was absolutely worth giving it a shot. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. It is an autoimmune disorder which means that my immune system is attacking my thyroid. Thus putting lots of stress on my endocrine system. I take medication to help control this and while it has helped and my levels are considered optimal now, I was still feeling the effects of the disease. I had been doing my homework and had read over and over again that those with the disease were having lots of success by removing gluten from their everyday lives. While it does not make the disease go away, it sure does to help make you feel better.

Before making the decision to go gluten free, I decided I would pay close attention to my body after I consumed gluten. After lots of documenting and paying attention, I learned that I felt much worse each time I consumed it. The worst part - ANYTIME I had ANY gluten my belly would bloat out and make me look like I was expecting. The reaction would happened within minutes of eating. I decided this experiment was worth a try. I began in February it noticed a difference within weeks. I felt SO much better. Lots more energy, no crashing after I ate, no bloating. Lots of other great side effects. I also decided to see what happened after I ate it a few weeks into giving it up. Totally made me sick. It kind of helped confirm it was a good move for more. While I do not have celiacs disease, I do seem to have a gluten intolerance.

I also had been struggling with infertility for the last three years and some of the research out there states that there can be links between gluten and infertility. I decided I had nothing to lose. Sure enough a month after going gluten free, I was able to get pregnant. It could have been a coincidence or it could be that going gluten free reduced the inflammation enough in my body to create a more positive environment for pregnancy. Granted I did miscarry just recently but it's the furthest we have gotten with getting pregnant in years. I am taking that as a positive step in the right direction.

My plans are to continue with this new lifestyle. It hasn't just been a change for me but also for my family. Everyone seems to be getting along just fine with the changes. It was actually much easier than I ever could have anticipated.

I want to pay it forward and teach others what I have learned along the way. On May 9th I will be offering a free 5 day gluten/ grain free challenge for my social media followers. The event will be online and each day I will be sharing with you tips I have learned, meal plans, recipes, books that I have found helpful and many many other tips and tricks for going gluten free.

If you would like to join us, please fill out the application below and I will send you a link to join the group. It is going to be very informational and also very fun! Let me show you that going gluten free isn't as scary as it might seem.

Click here to join the group! 

going gluten free, how to go gluten free, grain free diet, gluten free lifestyle, hashimoto's disease, gluten free with hashimoto's, sarah griffith,

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