Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It Starts With One

By My Side From The Beginning 

When I started my crazy journey to be a coach two short years ago I remember when I announced that I was going to begin to create a growing team and turn this hobby into a bit of a business and I was looking for others to join me. I announced that on a Saturday morning. By mid day Lindsay had messaged me asking for details. VERY shortly after that she jumped all in and was my first official coach. She spent most of her first year as a challenger/ discount coach before she went all in with the opportunity. She mostly just wanted the discount on her Shakeology when it all started and she dabbled a bit in the business. That was until last year when she put her foot on the gas and let her business take off. She is one of my top coaches now and also one of my diamond coaches. Which in the Beachbody world is a really big thing. 

She is probably one of the most busy coaches I have on my team. She is a full time teacher and she also bartends on nights and weekends. She lives off of little sleep and some how still makes time for her business and all of the other hats she wears in her life. Her work ethic is phenomenal. If you want something done ask Lindsay. If you want to learn now to make this work while balancing many other things, again ask Lindsay to teach you. She has this business down. She works her business at all hours of the day and night. I just don't know how she does it all. 

What has been really cool to watch with Lindsay is to see her begin to grow her own team of coaches who are just like her. Since she went diamond this past fall she transitioned away from being a coach to being a strong team leader who was able to duplicate her own success to others. It's a beautiful thing to get to stand back and watch. 

Lindsay & Cheryl = Success Partners. These two are a power team and have formed quite the friendship along the way. 
A few things that I think has added to her success as a coach is that she never misses her goals for helping others each month. She commits to help at least 3 - 5 people no matter what. She also attends Beachbody corporate events. She traveled with me this past summer to our SUMMIT training in Nashville, TN. In addition she also attends all of the local Super Saturday events that are held each quarter. She seems the value in attending events and makes it happen. When she does those things, I watch her move forward one step closer to the big goals she has set for herself. 

As she gets ready to take on year three of her business, I can only imagine what is in store for her. They say when you start to coach you need to "be here in a year." Well she made it way beyond her year. She's thru the hardest phases that a new coach might experiences. It's an uphill ride from here my dear. 

Thanks for deciding to stand beside me from the beginning and being the first to join my crazy train. I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else. Proud of you and all the heart you put into this. 


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