Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Honest Review Of The Honest Company

The Verdict's In - I Love The Products 

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Since I began my own journey towards becoming healthier,  my views on things have drastically changed. I am absolutely not the same person I was when I started my own journey and transformation. Not only has my opinions about exercise and eating changed, but my entire lifestyle has changed. Let me explain: It first started with me becoming very cognizant about what ingredients were in our foods. I began to adopt a five ingredient or less rule at the grocery store. If it had something I couldn't pronounce or had more than five ingredients we avoided it. This was my way of cutting out processed foods. This was no easy task because quite honest we were eating a lot of junk. From there it stemmed into my quest to be all organic. I became a nut about what was going into my body and my families. I was on a mission to keep the processed chemicals out and try to eat foods in their most natural state. While I am not 100% organic (it's really hard to do actually) I am about 90%. I started small with the "dirty dozen" of suggested items you should eat that are organic. Then next went to meats and lunch meats and eggs. I had been all organic on my sons snacks from the start we were already there with that. I then switched our milk to all organic as well as our butter. Lately I have moved into only buying cooking ingredients like olive oil, coconut oils, spices, sugars and the list goes on and on that are organic. Basically I started small and worked my way here. Often I get questioned if it is expensive to shop this way. The answer depends on how you shop. If you stick with the perimeter of the grocery store and try your best to only buy foods in their most natural state, this isn't going to be all that more expensive. However, if you do all organic and load up on processed foods that may say they are organic, your looking at a fortune at the store. I am very careful to always look for the USDA organic label. Some companies are good at "marketing organic" but don't have enough organic products in them to be certified. I am learning very quickly that just because it is organic does not always mean it's "healthy."

Now for the second part to this story. Last October I learned that my thyroid was off the charts out of whack. My doctor is more of a naturalist and we began to talk about natural ways to aide in making my thyroid symptoms become less severe aside from taking medicine. One of the things she really encouraged me to do was begin to remove all products from our home that had chemicals in them as well as move towards because they can be considered endocrine disruptors.  She also encouraged me to pursue my organic lifestyle.  Little by little, I began to change things. I threw out all of my plastic containers and switched everything to glass for our food storage, tried my best to removed products that contained fragrance, (I kicked my beloved Amber Romance lotion from Victoria Secret to the curb) and even got rid of the typical deodorant that most use and switched to a salt stick. I kept searching for a more natural approach.  I became a hawk about what I was not only putting into my body but also what I was putting on it. My husband often joked that I was becoming a crazy person,  but he went along with my wishes anyways even if I was making him nuts. All along I have been teaching my son about what it means to buy organic and why it's better for our bodies to be "chemical free." I have to say nothing makes more proud than when my three year old questions if something is organic. My hope is to teach him to live the same lifestyle.

This leads me to my review of The Honest Company. This past summer I came across the book The Honest Life by Jessica Alba. It was a great resource for me to learn more, but it also got me interested in giving the Honest Brand products a try. I learned online that they have a "bundle option" to get monthly shipments of the products so I decided to give it a try. A friend of mine shared with me some of her reviews on which products were worth trying and she also gave me a tip that I should make my five bundle options the most expensive choices then add on the less expensive items at the end. You have the option to get a few additional items at 25% off after your five bundle items. I loved the products from my first shipment and am anxious to use these new items from my newest shipment I just got this week. I liked this so much I actually went ahead and ordered a bundle for my mom too since she also has thyroid issues. One thing that I really appreciate about the brand is that most of the products do have the USDA certified label for being organic. My only complaints so far is that when I ordered the laundry soap the first time and also the hand soap, they got opened somehow and spilled on some of the other products in the box. Honest company handled it very well. They sent me a new bottle of laundry soap and hand soap with free overnight shipping. I don't know if it was bad luck or something that happens often, but the bottle of laundry soap leaked again during the shipping process. When I let them know they actually refunded me 10% of my entire order. Pretty great if you ask me. So my advice would be to avoid ordering the laundry soap online and just buy it in the store. You can get most of this stuff at Target.  Stay tuned for more product reviews and check out my video for my "honest review" of each that I have tried so far! Here is a link to let them know I referred you and it will allow you to save $10.00 off your first bundle if you are a new customer. Let me know your thoughts and your own reviews on the products if you give them a try yourself!

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