Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Shakeology

Samoa Girl Scout Cookie

The girl scouts have nothing on this shakeo recipe! I was craving samoa cookies but knew if I bought a box, I would be eating them all in one sitting so I decided to forgo them. Came up with the recipe instead and I have to say this is a new favorite. I knocked it out of the park ;) 


10 oz of water
4 oz of coconut almond milk 
1 scoop of chocolate shakeology 
Shaker cup full of ice
1 teaspoon of coconut oil melted 
1 teaspoon of carmel extract 
1 teaspoon of fresh coconut shavings 

Fill shaker cup full of ice, water and almond milk 
Pour into the blender 
Add in shakeology, coconut oil and shavings as well as the extract. 
Blend for 1 minute and enjoy! 

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