Monday, November 10, 2014

Your Invited To My Party... Healthy Holiday Support Group

Come to my party! I promise it will be fun! 

Where has fall gone? I felt like this month has went buy quicker than ever this year. As I put the Halloween decorations away today and flipped the calendar over to November, I realized that the holidays are closer than you think. It got me thinking about my theme and plan for November. I decided this month I would host an accountability group that would take my challengers thru both holiday months that are coming up. We will begin on November 17th and end on December 28, 2014. Some of you might be thinking, this ladies crazy, why would I want to start a fitness program right before the holidays and the answer is WHY would you NOT. You are about to embark on two months of busy schedules, holiday treats, special beverages and temptations galore. It is the perfect time to get started. Think of how ahead of the game you will be if you start now. Say you lose 5 lbs a month for the next two months. That will get you 10 lbs lighter before New Years, a time when the entire world is trying to get rid of the extra weight they put on over the holiday season.

During this accountability group you will receive constant support thru the holiday season. Will you still get to enjoy the traditional meals that are always present? Of course, but I will teach you how to enjoy them in moderation so that you can accomplish your goals while still enjoying the season. I will provide you with daily support, motivation and tips as well as clean holiday recipes and many fun ideas and tips to stay fit in the coming weeks.

As a bonus this month, I will be doing a raffle for anyone who purchases a challenge pack thru me before November 14th -the winner will receive one on one meal planning. I will sit down and ask you questions about the foods you typically prepare. From there I will help you to formulate a detailed meal plan for all the meals you will be consuming for the first 3 weeks of your challenge. In addition I will help find healthier alternatives to foods you enjoy the most! Meal planning is always the biggest hurdle for my challengers; let me take the work out of it for you!

What are you waiting for? January will be here before you blink, wouldn’t it feel good to already be on track to a healthier lifestyle? Fill out the application below to reserve your spot. I will be in touch within 24 hours.

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