Friday, November 14, 2014

“While you can’t change the cards you are dealt, you can change the way you play the hand.”

I suppose I have no reason to keep this a “secret” because it’s not a secret. My husband and I have been trying for another little one for over a year and a half now since we had our son. Nothing had been working for quite some time now so I asked about it this summer at the doctors. I didn’t think there could be anything wrong since I had a perfect pregnancy with my son and was blessed with him right away. Trying wasn’t necessary it just happened. Which is what we assumed would happen when we wanted to have the next one. Well when I went to the doctors since it had been over a year they agreed that I could have some blood work done and they would go from there to determine if something was wrong. At first I was going to do it, then my faith kicked in and I decided I wanted to wait. God was going to give us another one when the time was right and maybe the time just wasn’t right. This had crossed my mind each month as we tried for over a year. I decided to put the breaks on any testing and did not go for the blood work when it was ordered in July.

Now it’s November and still nothing. Well I was not feeling so great at the end of October so I decided to go to the doctors on a whim. That appointment ended up being Gods way of telling me it was time to take some further steps. I was required to get the blood work that I had been putting off and I also had to have some ultrasound testing done. Sadly, the results were not in my favor right now. I found out that I have polycystic ovaries, which was a bit scary and disappointing, but what I also found out that my thyroid was off the charts out of wack. Normal thyroid levels range between 0.2 – 4 and mine was 13.28. YIKES!!! The doctors were a bit surprised that I was not feeling sick or cold or that my hair was not following out. I laughed and said nope I feel great, which I did. What seemed to be helping me to feel okay was that I was putting so much effort into my healthy lifestyle. I have been exercising daily, practicing clean eating and drinking Shakeology each morning. All of these factors seemed to be what was keeping me from noticing that my body was not 100%

In a weird sense, I felt at peace with what I learned.  This was Gods way of putting me right where I need to be right now. He sent me to the doctors that day because I was not well. Had I not went that day I would never had pursued the blood tests right now, which in turn lead me to learning about my thyroid and the polycystic ovaries. The last few weeks have been challenging not just physically but also emotionally.

 The chance of another one until my thyroid gets fixed is slim to none. My body is trying its best to keep me going, the chances of producing a healthy little one seems to be out of the question for now. Once the thyroid issues are under control we will deal with the polycystic ovaries. We have already been referred on to fertility doctors if we wish to pursue it. We are going to take things one day at a time. Thanks to modern medicine, we are certain things will work out, but for now I am in a waiting phase. Knowledge is power and now that I know what is wrong it has helped me to be okay with our outcome for now.

I will say that this past week has been horrible in terms of my exercise and my healthy eating. I have found little motivation to get up and do my usual 4:30 am workout and I have not been very hungry. I know for certain I have not been eating quite enough this week or at least not having enough of the right foods. On Monday, I started my medicine to regulate my thyroid and you would think it would have helped, but quite honestly I feel like a MACK truck hit me. I am tired and really lacking much motivation. I spent the week feeling kind of “blah.” You see this is what sets those who overcome things and those who let things get the best of them apart. I cannot change that cards that have been dealt to me right now, but what I can change is how I play the hand. What that means is that starting Monday, the pity party is over. The exercise will resume and I will get back on track because there are worse things in life than what I am dealing with.

I share this story with you so that you will consider taking yearly actions for yourself to get a physical to monitor changes in your well being from time to time. I think it is especially important to have things checked out and if you are someone who has been trying to conceive for quite some time now. Look into the blood testing and ultrasounds. You might be surprised what you find out.

Keep me in your prayers. Regardless of the outcome, my life is blessed in a million and one ways. I will continue to have gratitude for what God has already given me and if the timing is right or if its an option, The Griffith’s will gladly welcome another one to our little family.

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